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Adam Corn Jul 23, 2013

The Studio Ghibli and Czech Philharmonic Orchestra arranged compilation Studio Ghibli Symphonic Collection (which is fantastic, by the way) has received a U.S. vinyl release from poster art and specialty publisher Mondo.  Three custom album art options are available, from Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle and Princess Mononoke. … tible-lps/ … -kyokushu/

The track order has been modified from the original CD edition but otherwise the contents look to be the same.  The albums go on sale July 26 at and I get the impression they may sell out fast.

jb Jul 23, 2013

Going to try to get one of these. ;_;

Ramza Jul 23, 2013

I never started collecting vinyl. If I did, there's no way I wouldn't get this.

And like 100 other vinyls.

And then I'd be mega-poor.

But props to everyone who supports this awesome endeavor. smile

jb Jul 26, 2013

I ordered mine, anyone else get a chance?

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