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lordskylark Aug 8, 2007

I thought that Veilen Dank was supposed to have a new vocal arrangement of Soaring Wings from Unlimited SaGa? What happened to that track? Was that some other album? I was looking forward to hearing it on Veilen Dank, and I just got the album and it was a piano arrangement...       Actually, I was assuming there was going to be way more than just piano (there were a few with other instruments, and I love piano albums, but this was not what I was expecting....)


Ramza Aug 9, 2007

lolVeilen -- nice catch Datschge.

And yeah, I never heard of *anyone* being like "yeah new vocals on Vielen Dank!" Was never planned, wasn't gonna happen.


Namakemono Aug 10, 2007

When Hamauzu announced Vielen Dank on his blog, he also posted an excerpt from the Korean version of "Soaring Wings", hence the confusion.

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