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Jeffro Dec 20, 2007

Hi all, I'm new here. Seems to me that this place is my best bet to get information on my Xenogears LE OST. I have had it for about 4-5 years and I never see any for sale anywhere. Would anybody happen to know how many of these were made? did they come with a spinecard? and just how rare it is?

Any and all help is very appreciated.


Svenlove2003 Dec 20, 2007

Spinecard?Are you sure you own the Limited Edition?Cause where would you want the spine card to be put?I own it myself,and have even seen it new/sealed,but it never came with any spinecard,just a sticker on the outter wrapping.It has been put on sale on ebay but prices may vary greatly.I sold mine for like 89-99$,if I remember well,and this still shoud be its usual selling price range.About rarity,I'm very curious to hear any answers,cause I've never been able to find a website indicating the rarity and number of Limited Edition prints (or even of other prints),even if someone apparently mentionned some very low numbers recently in another thread (but which one?),about a few thousands only.

Idolores Dec 20, 2007

Can someone please post some pictures? I never even knew the existence of the LE Xenogears soundtrack, and google's comin' up empty.

Jeffro Dec 20, 2007

I wasnt sure how the Japanese packaged it, mine came in the cardboard dvd style case already unwrapped from original packaging(in mint condition none-the-less). Thats why I was wondering about a spine, I dont import very much at all.

Jeffro Dec 20, 2007

Wow, just looked at the link, 4,500 Yen? Apparently not that rare in Japan. Wish I could snag that up for a friend.

Solon Jhee Dec 20, 2007

Xenogears.... just one of the best that i have heard, and Curiously the music remebers me Robotech dunno why

Alcahest Dec 21, 2007

Maybe because the yggdrasil transforms into a giant robot much like the sdf1 ? wink


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