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Adam Corn Feb 3, 2009

So I was searching for information on Tamiya Terashima ('90s Falcom arranger whose music I am still infatuated with to this day) and was pleasantly surprised to stumble across this U.S. DVD release of the Ys anime.  I got a fansub of Ys II way back when I was big into anime and though I'm sure it had its share of anime cliches I enjoyed the story and action.

Anybody out there acquired this?  Any comments regarding the subtitles or how well the animation and story hold up nowadays?  If nothing else I imagine it's worth buying for the music!  Would have ordered it already if it weren't for the hefty shipping from the U.S. to Japan (ironic).

On a related note, does anyone have the anime's soundtrack release in their collection?  Is it a good compilation of Ys arranges or do they get sliced and diced too much?

Carl Feb 3, 2009 (edited Feb 3, 2009)

Here's a more complete listing of his vgm arrangements

I think I had a fansubbed copy of the Ys anime way back when, rather than the official US version...

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