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tjsynkral Mar 30, 2007

I really like this compilation... but I don't like the reverb, it's way too much. Is there any chance you could release it without the added reverb?

TheGazelMinistry Jun 14, 2007

So ... I know that I'm new here, but can someone assist me with identifying where the following tracks should be placed in respect to the large tracklist posted above (good job with that list BTW!):

Link and Ilia Share a Moment
The Fish and the Cat
Hyrule Field (Orchestral Version)
Eldin - Tears of Light Restored
The Spirit Eldin
Eldin Ask You to Find Lanayru
Kakariko Sanctuary
Renado Speaks of the Troubled Gorons
Fairy's Spring (Loading Screen)
Mini Boss Defeated (which one?)
Lanayru - Tears of Light Restored
The Spirit Lanayru
Falbi and Fyer
Clown's Theme (Island of Riches Game?)
Zant Asks Midna to Join Him
Saying Goodbye to Ilia and Colin
Fayer's Cannon Fast (Launch to the City in the Sky, I assume)
Zant Scream (after his defeat?)
Ganondorf Rises from the Throne
Ganondorf Rides Toward Link and Zelda (Prior to the Horseback Battle?)
Ganondorf's Lament (when he is defeated?)
Misc 1
Misc 3
Misc 4
Misc 5
Misc 6

Also: Does anyone know where I can find the missing tracks from the list above (the ones marked with the asterisks?)

If anyone can help, I appreciate it.

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