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Azel: Panzer Dragoon RPG Memorial Album

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2 discs, 145 minutes total

Disc 1 (71 minutes)

  1. Ecce Valde Generous Ale (Behold the Precious Wings)
  2. First Battle
  3. Noble Rebel Army
  4. A Holy Nation of Lies
  5. Solitary Battle
  6. Wings
  7. Separated for Eternity
  8. A Premonition of War
  9. Transformation 1
  10. The Chaos Within the Silence
  11. Transformation 2
  12. Giant Being 1
  13. Rest
  14. Breath of Life
  15. Theme of the Blue Ruins
  16. Wandering
  17. Forbidden Land
  18. Pure Blood Seed
  19. Black Feet
  20. Rendesvous with Destiny
  21. Atolm Dragon
  22. Dragon Spirit
  23. Expected Encounter
  24. Empire
  25. Boxship
  26. Town of Zoah
  27. Paet
  28. Water Ruins
  29. Ancient Weapon
  30. Sona mi areru ec sancitu (Re-arranged)

Disc 2 (74 minutes)

  1. Hito narazarumono
  2. Path to the Being
  3. Sealed Spirit
  4. Elevator Chase
  5. Giant Being 2
  6. Separating for a Future Reunion
  7. By the Source of the Protective Flame
  8. Dream
  9. Sleeping Iron Ingot
  10. Imperial Air Force
  11. Giant Warship
  12. Fading Away
  13. Holy Chariot
  14. A Century Gone By
  15. Interception
  16. Awakening
  17. Conclusion
  18. Village of the Seekers
  19. The Forest's Scream
  20. Theme of the Red Ruins
  21. Into the Promised Land
  22. Overture to the Ending
  23. Tears
  24. Sesutren
  25. Vision 1
  26. Vision 2
  27. The Final Battle ~Recurrence~
  28. Sona mi areru ec sancitu
  29. Sona mi areru ec sancitu (Prescription Vocal Club Mix)
  • Released Apr 21, 2001 by Marvelous Entertainment (catalog no. MJCG-80066, retail 3000 yen).
  • This CD set is essentially a reprint of 'Azel: Panzer Dragoon RPG - Complete Album' (MJCA-10009), but with the addition of bonus remix tracks 1-30 and 2-29.
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


This soundtrack just flies you away!!!

Reader review by Lucy Rzeminski

I bought this CD on a whim. I'd barely seen much of the game, having only watched a friend play through pieces. However, what I heard prompted me to pick up this soundtrack. I have yet to regret it. Panzer Dragoon Azel contains some of the most beautiful and diverse ambient music I've heard in a game. This game is epic, and so is the soundtrack.

Kobayashi and Nanba perfectly set the mood of the almost primitive world with this soundtrack. The heavy use of tribal drums combined with flowing melodies gives an ethereal quality to this music. Listening to this soundtrack, especially "Pure Blood Seed", I almost feel like I'm flying along with the main character, Edge.

By combining many different musical influences, including African, South American and Celtic, Panzer Dragoon Azel manages to create a unique sound of its own. This perfectly complements and adds to the dramatic mood and atmosphere of the game. The music transports you into a different world.

The boss battle themes are some of the best I've heard in any game and really stand out among the rest of the tracks. With the heavy use of drums, these heart-pounding pieces are charged with the energy and emotion of a raging battle. "Atolm Dragon" and "Giant Being 1" are simply awesome.

Track length is usually adequate, completing two rotations and lasting 3-4 minutes on most songs. There are quite a few tracks from the FMV cut-scenes. Although many of them are really good, rivaling some movie scores in my opinion, I often find myself flipping past them to listen to the more riveting level and boss themes. And the sound quality is amazing. This is some of the best stuff I've heard from the Saturn.

You don't have to play this game to love this music. This soundtrack is unlike anything I've heard. If you're looking for something different and unique, find this soundtrack now!

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