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Jay Nov 24, 2013

Anyone heard the music? I haven't liked what I've heard about the game but would still be very interested in the music if it is Panzer Dragoon style.

Qui-Gon Joe Nov 24, 2013

Listened to one sample and it sounded fantastic.  I think it's available digitally?

Jay Nov 24, 2013

Oh you're right. It is! Will have to check out the samples, thanks.

Adam Corn Nov 24, 2013 (edited Nov 24, 2013)

Split this off from the game discussion since any new Panzer Dragoon-related music deserves its own thread. big_smile

Thanks for the heads-up about the digital album release, Joe.  I've found the Amazon and iTunes album pages... I don't suppose there's an official FLAC release out there is there?  Hate to spend money on an MP3 album but might make an exception in this case.

Does anyone know if there's any relationship between the Xbox One soundtrack and the one for the Windows Phone game?  And was the latter composed by Saori Kobayashi as well?  (Listening to the YouTube playlist of the Windows Phone soundtrack it surely must have been.)

Jay Nov 25, 2013 (edited Nov 25, 2013)

The Windows Phone version is a spin-off side game, Crimson Dragon: Side Story. I can't seem to find any official credit list anywhere but this PD fan site post says that the music for that was indeed Saori Kobayashi as well - … side-story . I can't find confirmation of that though.

Adam Corn Dec 12, 2013

The Will of the Ancients reports that the Xbox One game OST is available for listen on Spotify and Xbox Music.

I've given both the Windows Phone and Xbox One soundtracks a couple listens.  If I'm not mistaken there are some shared themes between the two but I haven't listened enough to say how closely they're related.  It's nice to see they put some extra money into the live instrumentation on the XB1 OST but unfortunately they didn't manage to completely maintain the unique Panzer Dragoon sound in the process, especially in the live chorus which is too generic and excessive.  Early impressions though.

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