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Adam Corn Mar 4, 2009

Just a heads-up that the once-rare Panzer Dragoon II Zwei soundtrack is currently available at Play-Asia.  Those interested can click on the order link on the album page to get your Panzer Dragoon goodness and show some STC love wink

I got my copy in the mail last weekend and though it's not up there with the classic Panzer Dragoon 1 and Azel scores, as a Panzer Dragoon fan I'm pretty stoked to have it.  "Forest of Taboo" and "Hanuman" are definitely my favorites, along with "Lagi and Lundi ~Theme of Zwei~" (which I would love to hear given the orchestral-choral treatment as in Azel and Orta's spectacular ending themes).

charmed699 Mar 4, 2009 (edited Mar 4, 2009)

I love to this music so much and it always brings back memories of being really young and playing it. It was the both the first game of the series that I played and bought for my saturn.

Would definetly buy it if I didnt already have it due to buying from the fantastic forum member that is Zane. smile

I always like the "Taboo's Forest" too but also like the intro to "Ruins"/"An attack from Darkness". The sudden change in tempo for "Sea of ice" after a few seconds always made me remember being suprised the first time going through graveyard level.

Qui-Gon Joe Mar 4, 2009

So is this a reprint or did they just somehow find a bunch of boxes of them somewhere (as I assume happened when magically coughed up new copies of the Dracula X ost that one time way back when)?

Adam Corn Mar 4, 2009

It's the original print from 1996.  Who knows where they came from or how many are left.

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