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Metal Gear Solid Original Game Soundtrack


66 minutes total
  1. Metal Gear Solid Main Theme
  2. Introduction
  3. Discovery
  4. Cavern
  5. Intruder 1
  6. Encounter
  7. Intruder 2
  8. Warhead Storage
  9. Intruder 3
  10. Mantis' Hymn
  11. Hind D
  12. Duel
  13. Enclosure
  14. Blast Furnace
  15. Colosseo
  16. Rex's Lair
  17. Escape
  18. End Title / The Best Is Yet To Come
  19. VR Training
  20. Metal Gear Solid Main Theme (1997 E3 Edit)
  21. Metal Gear Solid Control Mix / Mixed by Quadra
  • Released Sep 23, 1998 by King (catalog no. KICA-7895, retail 2243 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


A great soundtrack that certainly lives up to the game.

Reader review by Justin Shertzer

When I first ordered this CD, I pretty much knew what to expect. I had previously played Metal Gear Solid three times through, and had heard all of the music from the game. The soundtrack definitely lives up to the game, and then some.

The majority of the music is made up of the upbeat, techno style and suspenseful strings. Despite hearing it repeatedly, the "Encounter" theme (whenever you are discovered) still sounds very nice. A few tracks deviate from the main formula. In "Enclosure" you can listen to a sweet melodramatic piano, and then there's the crown of the CD, "End Title / The Best Is Yet To Come". Although this track seems almost completely out of place from the rest of the CD, the Celtic style is very beautiful and moving. The Best Is Yet To Come is also accompanied by a beautiful chorus (lead vocal by Aoife Ni Fhearraigh).

Unlike most other game soundtracks, there is not a single track on this CD that I skip over. If you at all enjoyed Metal Gear Solid or want a break from the strings and horns of the Final Fantasy series, but still want to have your breath taken away, buy this soundtrack.

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