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Ridge Racer Project: Rave Racer


69 minutes total
  1. Linx On (Megaten)
  2. Rave On (Megaten)
  3. Wrong Love (Megaten)
  4. Blue Topaz (J99)
  5. EXH* Notes (Sandog)
  6. Rotten 7 (Megaten)
  7. Kamikaze (Aya)
  8. Jazz Mission (Sandog)
  9. Rare Hero 3 (Pacific Mix) (Sandog)
  10. Yororeri Hey (Megaten)
  11. Euphoria (Aya)
  12. Teknopera (Sandog)
  13. Heart Of Hearts (Aya)
  14. Heat Floor (Megaten)
  15. Rally-Jngl-X (Sandog)
  16. G.O (Aya)
  17. Water Front (Ambient Mix) (J99)
  • Released Oct 21, 1995 by Victor (catalog no. VICL-15048, retail 1500 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Technofantastic tunage in the arcade sequel to Ridge Racer.

Reader review by Christopher Wood

Namco's Ridge Racer and its sequels, Ridge Racer Revolution and Rage Racer, are renowned amongst video game fans for their cool techno music. Although the "official" arcade sequel to Ridge Racer, Rave Racer, has never been released as a game on home console systems, the audio soundtrack has fortunately been available for some time and continues Namco's tradition for excellent fast-paced techno.

Standout tracks include "Wrong Love" - a mid-paced start to the album that sets the mood for the rest of the CD, "Euphoria" - a fast-paced piece of techno-pop that gets the pulse racing, "Teknopera" - Rave Racer's answer to "Rotterdam Nation", and "Heart of Hearts" - a melodic piece of ragga, which is a first for a video game as far as I can recall!

If you like techno and the soundtracks to Ridge & Rage Racer, then you'll love this. Go go gooooo!!!

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