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Godai Nov 5, 2006

Along with RR usuals like Shinji Hosoe, Ayako Saso and Nobuyoshi Sano...Korean composer ESTi has also contributed 2 tracks.  Seems he's a big fan of the series, this is awesome news!

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Zane Nov 5, 2006

Awesome! I hope this OST actually gets a release, unlike RR6. I'd be pretty fired up to hear the new Tohyama tracks and Aya's "Shut Up Baby". And Okubo's stuff. Dammit, I love NAMCO.

McCall Nov 6, 2006 (edited Sep 10, 2012)


bishop743 Nov 7, 2006

This is great, and pleasantly suprising news. It'll be interesting to see what ESTi brings to the table. My dream is that they do some sort of RR6/RR7 soundtrcack set (ala Tekken 5/Tekken Dark Resurrection), but if they were to release just an OST for RR7, that would be more than adequate.

Princess-Isabela Nov 7, 2006

hopefully it will be just as good as RR6 Soundtrack(seriously kicking).

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