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loveydovey May 15, 2008

I just listened to this tune ( ) from the PSP OST of Ridge Racers and was floored by it.  It's easily on par with D&B classics by the likes of 4hero and Roni Size.  So now I'm very curious about the series in general.  Which soundtracks in this series are generally considered the best?  I'll look into the ones  you guys suggest.  Thanks.

Zane May 15, 2008

I think that the best OST from the series is the RR direct audio from the first PSP game: … A-1366%7E7

Let me tell you why: first, it rules. Secondly, disc 2 is sort of a compilation of older RR tunes, ranging from the first game to the fifth in the series, so you can get a taste of what each respective game has to offer. I find it to be varied, fresh and enjoyable almost all the way through; The remixes are cool, too. I tend to enjoy the later style of RR tunes (RRV, RR PSP, RR:R) more than the earlier soundtracks, but this album is a good way to test the water with the series.

Ashley Winchester May 15, 2008

Zane wrote:

Let me tell you why: first, it rules.

Haha, this made me laugh. A simple enough reason if there ever was any...

Knurek May 16, 2008

Ridge Racer Type 4 gets my vote, simple because it's so different from other games. And for the Pacman arrange. smile

Idolores May 16, 2008

Agreed with Knurek. R4's OST was pure fuckmothering win.

Crash May 16, 2008

I'd agree with Zane.  Ridge Racer Direct Audio is a full, complete experience, more so than any other RR album that I've heard.  I really wasn't that fond of RRDA 2, though.

Jay May 16, 2008

R4 for me too. The music was just stunning and had a very unique style that worked perfectly with the style of the game. Everything just fell into place in that one for me. And the end tune is gorgeous.

allyourbaseare May 16, 2008

I haven't listened to any of them, but I believe Jeriaska really likes RRDA, having got him that for Secret Sant '07.

XISMZERO May 16, 2008

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidge Racer, the first of course. Classic, melodic tunes with just the right amount of sampling and techno-electronica goodness not overkilled with noise like the later RR games.

"Speedster" is probably one of the wildest "chase" musics used in a video game.

XLord007 May 18, 2008

Nothing tops R4.  Killer fusion right there.  Here he comes again.

GoldfishX May 18, 2008

If I had to pick, RR1. Having Ridge Racer, (especially) Rare Hero and Rotterdam Nation blasting in the background made the game one of my favorite racing games. Of course, it'd be really nice if it ran on a PS2. >_<


Zane Apr 21, 2009

Bumpin' an old thread to give R4 the respect it deserves (man, I can't believe I neglected this one for so long) as well as props to RR6's OST, which is currently my favorite out of the whole lot. It reminds me of the first RRda album, but with more variety and even a couple of Katamari-ish tracks (Asuka Sasai FTW).

Idolores Apr 21, 2009

XLord007 wrote:

Nothing tops R4.  Killer fusion right there.  Here he comes again.

One More Win, baby!

Herrkotowski Apr 21, 2009

I can certainly tell you what is NOT the best RR OST and that is the abomination that is RR7. RR6 kicks ass, and I have yet to hear RR4 yet, so at the moment, RR6 takes my top spot!

Zane Apr 21, 2009

Herrkotowski wrote:

I can certainly tell you what is NOT the best RR OST and that is the abomination that is RR7.

Heh, that's why I didn't want to tell you about it over AIM. I figured you'd make your own conclusions! wink Some of the compositions are pretty good, but the song times and super repetitive looping killed the album for me.

Herrkotowski Apr 22, 2009

Yeah, I'm not going to lie. The ones I found the best were the Supersweep ones, if only for the fact they actually went somewhere during their duration.

Raziel Apr 22, 2009

I've only heard the first one, Ridge Racers, Ridge Racer 6, some bits of Rage Racer, and I've got to say that Hiroshi Okubo is the man. I'm not fond of SamplingMasters' rave, actually some of the tracks by Hosoe and Saso are the worst I've ever heard in VGM, but Okubo and Sano are awesome. Bassrider, Disco Ball, the Rage Racer Theme and it's remix on Ridge Racers 2, Explorers. I can go on and on....

Oh, and Yu Miyake. Let's get, together!

Xenogears Omni Apr 22, 2009

Defintely 4 all the way for me.

Alcahest Apr 22, 2009

OP, if you like this track by Kohta, I urge you to visit his site:
and check his great free samples:
Cronus4180 + boosted bass + headphones = amazement.

As for the Ridges, I'd have a hard time chosing between 4 & 6 too.. but mostly Sano, Kohta and some of Okubo's tracks are the highlight of the series without a doubt.

XISMZERO Apr 22, 2009

I vote the first. Ridge Racer. Actually, I think it's Sampling Masters' Hosoe, Saso and Sano's best works ever. Listen to "Speedster" on the highway... dangerous!

guizhang Apr 24, 2009

6 and 4 are my favorite. love the tunes by sanodg the most.

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