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Soul Edge: Khan Super Session

"Khan lets loose in a rocking and unique fighting game soundtrack." Recommended


  • Khan (composition, performance)


58 minutes total
  1. Doubtful Judgement (Soul Edge Stage)
  2. The Edge of Soul (PSX Intro Movie BGM)
  3. An Oath of the Sword (Character Select)
  4. PNKN Colosseum (Asia Stages)
  5. Castaway in Darkness (Cervantes Stage)
  6. Hagakure (Mitsurugi Stage)
  7. Eternal Memories (Name Entry)
  8. A Haunting Wind (Taki Stage)
  9. Another Fanatic (Voldo Stage)
  10. Moonlight Shadows (Li Long Stage)
  11. A Continental Gale (Rock Stage)
  12. Tiny Amulet (Seung Mina Stage)
  13. Yellow Sands (Hwang Sung Stage)
  14. A Mediterranean Call (Sophitia Stage)
  15. Darkness of Fate (Siegfreid Stage)
  16. Our Way Home (Credits BGM)
  • Released Dec 18, 1996 by BMG (catalog no. BVCH-732, retail 3000 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Khan lets loose in a rocking and unique fighting game soundtrack.


Editor's review by Adam Corn

I must confess that when I bought Soul Edge - Khan Super Session, it was almost solely for one reason - the song "The Edge of Soul". Those who have played the Playstation game (called "Soul Blade" in America) will recognize this as the musical accompaniment to the game's stunning CG intro. A power rock-style song with surprisingly American-sounding vocals, fierce electric guitar, and strings that at times almost make you melt in your seat and at others make you want to rage about like there's no tomorrow, "The Edge of Soul" alone may warrant purchase of this CD. This revision is even extended and improved over the Playstation version.

For people who aren't quite as obsessed with the opening song as I am, there is fortunately much more that Khan Super Session has to offer. In total, 16 music selections from the Khan Super Session soundtrack in Soul Blade are featured here. (The Playstation game also featured arcade original and arranged soundtracks, with the original on a separate CD release.)

Certainly there is an abundance of power rock, as is demonstrated by the opening track, "Doubtful Judgement". This fiercely intense track puts on an all-out assault of electrical sounds, including screaming guitar and numerous synthesized sounds which are totally new to me. Other tracks aren't as much power rock and instead mix in some other musical sounds. Track 8 for instance, Taki's BGM, features the ever-popular blazing horn section, countered by mildly funky oriental-style instrumentation and then echoed by wailing eighties-style guitar.

I don't know where Khan gets their bank of sound samples but it must be a well-kept secret. Seung Mi Na's BGM "Tiny Amulet" is another track that boasts an assortment of electronic samples new to these ears. This upbeat, dance-style piece is lighthearted and spirited almost to the point of being zany. Some of the sounds may seem a bit odd at first but the melodies grab you more after each listen.

Besides the power-rock tracks, Khan Super Session also features much of the more traditional instrumental sound that made Soul Edge's original soundtrack great. A couple of the shorter pieces provide nice intermissions, such as "Eternal Memories", with its flowing instrumentation and soothing vocals. "Moonlight Shadows" features perhaps the most memorable theme of the album, beautiful and calming but occasionally livened up with dance music tempo and synth. Traditional-style, action-oriented tracks are included as well in tracks like "A Continental Gale" and "Darkness of Fate".

What impresses me most about Khan Super Session is its variety and originality. Name the musical style or the instrument and you'll probably hear it here, and in ways you wouldn't expect. The CD may seem a bit odd and difficult to listen to at first because of its uniqueness, but give it time and you'll be listening to these tracks day in and day out.

Transcending history and the world, Khan Super Session is the king of fighting game music!

Reader review by Jeffrey Eldredge

Ahh, what can I say about Soul Edge: Khan Super Session? Well, out of my 80+ video game soundtracks it is certainly my favorite. (Yes, I even like it better than the mighty Y's Symphony 95.) Now, if that's not a compliment than I don't know what is. This soundtrack seems to have it all. Power, riveting emotion and really neato techno beats... good combo, huh?

The Khan Super Session is the third version of the soundtrack from the arcade and Playstation hit, Soul Blade. Anybody who has played Soul Blade will tell you that it has great music, but I must admit that I didn't even like the Super Session at first. It seemed a little too new age and techo-ish for my liking. The only reason I got this soundtrack in the first place is because it had an extended version of the opening song. As I listened to this CD more and more I began to love it for its ensemble of well written and high quality songs. I'm so glad that I misjudged this one. It is a pleasantly diverse and exciting CD that'll give you chills, thrills, and make you happy all over!

I encourage all Soul Blade owners to access the options screen right now and switch the soundtrack selection to Khan Super Session. Just give it a good listening and you'll love it too. Khan Super Session may not really fit the Soul Blade mold, but it's a great stand alone soundtrack inspired by the game!

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