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Ys IV ~The Dawn of Ys~ Perfect Collection Vol. 1


56 minutes total
  1. Dharm
  2. Fountain Of Love '93
  3. Tears Of Sylph
  4. The Syonin
  5. Lilia
  6. Resurrection Ceremony
  7. The Dawn Of Ys
  8. Puroma Rock
  9. The Syobainin
  10. A Teary-Eyed Young Swordsman
  11. Karhna
  12. Romun Imperial District
  13. Field
  14. I Want To Become Gentle
  15. Broken Hourglass
  16. Dungeon
  17. Battle #58
  18. Game Over
  19. Ys IV ~ Super Mega Mix Version
  • Released Feb 23, 1994 by King (catalog no. KICA-1139, retail 3000 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Ys, Falcom, Perfect Collection - absolutely rocking.

Reader review by Adam Page

This is the first disc of the Ys IV Perfect Collection trilogy. Though it doesn't quite surpass Volume 3, it certainly holds its own. While Vol. 3's song selection is definitely on the darker side, this CD has a crisper, more friendly sound.

The disc starts off with "Dharm", a Symphony 95-ish synthesized classical piece. (It's the song that plays during the introduction cinema of the game). "Tears Of Sylph" sounds very similar to the version on Ys Perfect Collection, but Yonemitsu lost the "dolphin cry" and replaced it with a mournful acoustic guitar. "Lilia" has a nice, happy beat and a playful flute. "The Dawn Of Ys", "Karhna", and "Field" are all typical Falcom rock - awesome as usual. "Battle #58" is brutally cool boss music that has to be blasted to be appreciated.

In the tradition of the Ys IV Perfect Collection trilogy, the last track is a Super Mega Mix. I went absolutely nuts over "Mega Mix Version #3" and while this one isn't quite as blow-you-away phenomenal, it's certainly comparable. Beginning with the bouncy and fast-paced "Puroma Rock", Yonemitsu throws in funky little guitar riffs like those heard in Jumping Flash!2. He then blends in Lilia and, with a little techno transition, brings in Karhna and Battle #58. (You should be up on your feet dancing by now.) The song ends with a reprise of Puroma Rock. Simply awesome.

Not 100-percent pure Falcom rock, but great nevertheless.

Reader review by George Mori

What can I say, I'm an Ys fan. So when I finally found a place that had this CD I snapped it up. I never played Ys IV, but I'd heard the CD tunes from the game on tape - tunes that I didn't like as much as earlier efforts at first. However they soon grew on me in a big way, so I was hoping for some great Falcom rock from this CD. When I popped it in I was sorely dissappointed... at first, that is. You see, most of this disc consists of arrangements of the game's chip-generated tunes that I'd never heard before. I was dissapointed when most of my favorites weren't on the CD.

Time for some *new* favorites. Once I sat down and finally listened to the CD, I slowly fell in love. The remixes of many of the themes are just great. "Tears of the Sylph" simply trounces the Ys I Perfect Collection version. Tracks 8, 6, and 12 are also some of the better "new tunes".

Then we get to the stuff Falcom music is made of, the CD tunes. Track 1 is incredible, even better than the original PC Engine version. Track 7 is another great remix of an equally great tune. "Kharna" is one of the best examples of Falcom rock you'll ever get and it's great. "Field" is a mixed bag; it has great composition and an *awesome* intro but other than that sounds exactly like the home version did. Track 16 is great moody music and track 17 *is* Falcom boss music; more need not be said.

Additionally, this CD fixes the main problem I had with Ys I Perfect Collection - the tracks are actually long. So it's nice to finally be able to get into a song instead of wishing it would go on for a bit longer. I can't wait to get the other volumes.

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