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Ys IV ~The Dawn of Ys~ Perfect Collection Vol. 2

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60 minutes total
  1. Lava Area ~ A Kiss In Eldeel
  2. Five Loyal Subjects
  3. A Test To Become Mighty
  4. Family Of Darkness
  5. Selseta Forest
  6. Other Side Of The Recollection
  7. Burning Sword
  8. Wise Man
  9. Ancient Legend
  10. Liza
  11. Fulfilling The Prophecy
  12. Liza~Hidden Thoughts In Her Heart
  13. Sanctuary
  14. Eldeel
  15. Valley Of Quicksand
  16. Anxiety
  17. Crimson Wings
  18. Rest In Peace
  19. Feena
  20. Tower Of The Shadow Of Death
  21. The Last Moment Of The Dark
  22. Ys IV~Super Mega Mix Version #2
  • Released Apr 21, 1994 by King (catalog no. KICA-1140, retail 3000 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


The second in the series is second best, and that ain't bad at all.

Reader review by Adam Page

My Ys IV Perfect Collection trilogy is finally complete, and Volume 2 turns out to be my second favorite, after Volume 3 and before Volume 1. As always, J.D.K. delivers a fine collection of power rock. Just like the other volumes, this one has a certain feel unique to it. Generally speaking, most of the songs are somber. There are a few badass tracks that take after Volume 3, but almost no happy, feel-good tracks as in Volume 1.

It was nice to see some more familar melodies from Ys 1 make appearances. I guarantee you haven't heard a mix of "Feena" quite like this one... it's pretty, um, powerful. "Tower Of The Shadow Of Death" gets my honorary "James-Brown-Can-I-Get-Some-Hits-a!!" award with its playful, funky brass section. "Mega Mix #2" is quite good, but probably ranks third as far as those are concerned. It certainly doesn't edge out #3.

Any more review would be redundant. Anyone familiar with the other two CDs in this series will have a good idea what this installment is like. These bad boys are becoming pretty difficult to find, so if you're interested, make sure to get your orders in before they join the ranks of Dracula New Classic and -sniff- the first Orchestral Game Concert CDs.

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