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Distant Worlds: The Celebration ~Music from Final Fantasy~



  1. Prelude [FF History Movie]
  2. Final Fantasy I-III Medley 2012
  3. The Dreadful Fight (FFIV)
  4. Main Theme of Final Fantasy V
  5. The Mystic Forest (FFVI)
  6. One-Winged Angel (FFVII)
  7. Don't be Afraid (FFVIII)
  8. You're Not Alone (FFIX)
  9. Zanarkand (FFX)
  10. Chocobo Medley 2012
  11. Procession of Heroes ~ Vana'diel March Medley (FFXI)
  12. The Dalmasca Estersand (FFXII)
  13. Blinded by Light (FFXIII)
  14. Answers (FFXIV)
  15. Theme of Love (FFIV)
  16. Eyes On Me (FFVIII)
  17. Opera "Maria and Draco" Full Version (FFVI)
  18. Battle & Victory Theme Medley
  19. Final Fantasy
  • Released Jun 26, 2013 by Square Enix (catalog no. SQEX-20011, retail 6500 yen).
  • Video recording compiled from two Distant Worlds concerts held in Tokyo. Available at retail on Blu-ray format only. A two-CD edition has been sold exclusively at Tokyo Game Show.
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.

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