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GoldfishX Aug 26, 2007

If you own the previous Maximum Impact soundtracks, do not buy this soundtrack...It is not new material at all. It's not even remixed material. It's an incomplete collection of the exact same material from the previous soundtracks, but with *gasp* expanded playing times (read: more loops. JOY!) There's, like, 3 tracks that are actually new, but they're a mixed bag...Not up to the quality of Maximum Impact 1, in any case and they kind of drag on and aren't particularly noteworthy.

Why they did this is beyond me, but it's really misleading and more than a little annoying. Just figured I'd give a public service announcement...

Cain Highwind Aug 29, 2007

Thanks, I kind of figured as such. I like the MI2 OST because it has a "Bonus Disc" with all the Classic Easter Egg tracks they use in the game.

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