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Adam Corn Oct 9, 2011

Agreed that the VV bonus tracks are not really worth worrying about.  More in line with my image of average chiptunes, as opposed to the ones from the album proper which are something special.

That bonus disc would have been a nice place for a vocal-less, sample-less version of "Sailing Enterprise ~ The Invincible".  I'm fine with the track as it is (really enjoy it actually) but it'd be nice to have a chiptune-only version without the silly DJ effects.

James O Oct 10, 2011

I too have now heard the VV bonus CD, and third the opinion that it's more... simple sounding compared to the parent album.  Perhaps they were the tracks that were the impetus to create the full CD...?

Adam Corn Nov 29, 2011

Now that everybody's had time to digest the album I'm curious what people's favorites are.  Mine would go like this:

1. Final Fantasy IV-V-VI "Ending Medley"
2. Final Fantasy III "Sailing Enterprise ~ The Invincible"
2. Final Fantasy VII "Aeris' Theme"
2. Seiken Densetsu -Final Fantasy Adventure- "Final Battle ~ Mana Temple"
5. Chrono Trigger "Character Medley"
6. Xenogears "The Wind Calls to Shevat in the Blue Sky"
7. Final Fantasy XII "Near the Water"
8. Final Fantasy XI "Ronfaure"
9. SaGa2 Medley
10. Final Fantasy VI "Terra's Theme"

The FF ending medley literally makes me giddy, it's so... EVERYTHING.  It's looking to be a tough call between that and Distant Worlds: Returning Home's "Answers" for VGM track of the year.  The next three are all equally awesome, just in different ways - love the happy high energy of "Sailing Enterprise", the cutesy charm of "Aeris' Theme" and the overdrive synth of "Final Battle".

Judgment Day Nov 30, 2011 (edited Nov 30, 2011)

The soundtrack in general has really exceeded my expectations, especially after buying it off a 'hunch' ( see earlier in this thread and here >> … hp?id=6428 ). That being said, "Seiken Densetsu: Final Battle" is simply, absolutely outstanding. It's been a very, VERY long time since I heard a song so good yet so addicting.

Like the SaGa medley too, and various other tracks - but SQ Chips has literally deterred me from listening to about 6 other soundtracks that I received but are still in their manufacturer wrapper (techically 8, but I did open 2 of them). So all in all, a great listen. I want a sequel.

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