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vert1 Jun 10, 2014 (edited Jun 10, 2014)
Now with Pac-Man

Hate the playable Mii characters in this game. I don't see them as Nintendo characters. They ruin Mario Kart with their generic look. Nintendo is mucking up their franchises with these characters.

Neal Ronaghan:
A competitive Smash player is trying to challenge Sakurai to see if he can win and help balance the game. Sakurai asked "have you ever made a game?"


avatar! Jun 14, 2014

GoldfishX wrote:
avatar! wrote:

"Is there... a birthday suite Samus?"

I saw that. Hilarity ensues when Conan tries and fails to be funny, as usual.

Conan has his moments. I agree, some of his humor is juvenile. However, he can also be intellectual. I actually do find his point poignant: you have all this video game knowledge stored in your head, but you don't know who was the second president of the United States?!

GoldfishX Jun 15, 2014

When a guy is trying super hard to make a joke about how Kirby's arms look like benign tumors, plays the game by pressing the controller against his chest and thinks the game would be better if it was about a man walking along and eating a cookie, he kind of loses the ability to come off as intellectual in a segment. It's kind of like the loudmouth kid in the room that comments needlessly on everything the entire session...You're laughing at him, not with him.

vert1 Jun 15, 2014

I think the banging the controller against the chest is Conan's silly form of button mashing. This is the first video I have seen him playing multi-player, so it makes sense for him to be even more flustered than usual at his performance (since single player games can be toned down to brain dead easy now). It would be more entertaining to watch him only play against people who don't have Smash Bros. experience or teams with a seasoned player. (Don't think they put handicaps on.) His teacher probably sucks as telling him to use the c-stick and press A for items should suffice for first time players getting a kill in free-for-all. I wonder how long they gave him to practice.

Anyhow, there is a tier list being put up for the game.

Hey everyone! After a lot of research and playing, here's my current tier list. This is just my opinion, though!

Top Tier
Kirby - Extremely fast, powerful, great grab range & throws, fantastic recovery and great spike
Pit - Extremely good super armor side B KO move, very fast, excellent recovery and a reflector
Zero Suit Samus - Very agile, fantastic recovery, range and combos
Greninja - Great aerials, fast and powerful attacks and a great projectile. Good recovery, too!
Donkey Kong - Surprisingly fast and very strong. Great recovery as well and a powerful spike

High Tier
Pikachu - Powerful Smashes and combos, great recovery and fast
Mario - Surprisingly agile and has tons of combos and great aerial game
Olimar - Powerful and fast moveset coupled with a fantastic recovery
Samus - Super fast and powerful ground game, Up-B is a KO move and has a great recovery
Fox - Very agile, super good recovery, tons of combos
Marth - More ground based now, weaker aerial game, throws are KO moves, great range
Rosalina - Very floaty, tricky game, great Up Smash, good aerials
Bowser - Fast and powerful, could be even higher!

Mid Tier
Mega Man -Weak up close game, but strong medium range game, good escape and tricky
Wii Fit Trainer - Very undeveloped, don't know much, though, putting her in the middle is safe.
Villager - Very weak up close, slow smash attacks, but good tilts and Up/Down Air
Sonic - No one played him!!! Putting him in the middle to be safe.
Link - Faster gameplay overall but much weaker camping game.

Low Tier
Little Mac - One mistake and you're done for! Can't fight platform camping or shield spam efficiently. Not the best grab range. Super powerful, but risky to use.
Zelda - Her moveset lacked strength, speed and range to compete with the other characters. She definitely needs to be changed up a bit.

These are my first impressions. We'll see how the game turns out to be when it comes out! Remember guys, this is a demo, it's bound to change.

-ZeRo - Follow on Twitter!

source: … ro.358376/

Did anyone get to play the demo?

vert1 Jun 15, 2014 (edited Jun 15, 2014)

From gamefaqs (2 years ago):

Snakey wrote:

Here are my latest observations on what I have seen on Japanese forums, websites, and blogs when the topic of Smash 4 comes up.

Mario: Surprisingly, there is little demand for a Mario newcomer. Requests come up for nearly every Mario character, but each one of them does not have much requests.

Donkey Kong: K. Rool is amongst the most requested newcomers outside the cut Melee duo. Dixie Kong is also highly requested.

The Legend of Zelda: Its Ghirahim. After that its Toon Zelda. Tingle rarely comes up. Its important to note that Skyward Sword was by far the lowest selling 3D Zelda in Japan.

Metroid: Metroid requests rarely come up. However, I have seen posts mentioning Ridley's "overseas popularity".

Yoshi: Yoshi requests never come up.

Kirby: Waddle Dee (Bandanna). Before Return to Dream Land's release, it seemed that Gooey was the choice in regards to a fourth playable Kirby character.

Star Fox: Requests are uncommon, but when they do come up its usually Krystal, Leon, or Slippy. None of these characters have a notable amount of request volume.

Pokemon: Mewtwo is one of the two most requested characters. After him, its probably Zoroark for this series. Zoroark is definitely one of the names that comes up a lot, but how much of this is "expected" versus actually "wanted" is hard to determine. Requests also come up for B/W Trainer, Victini, and most recently Genesect. Genesect has a lot of potential to grow, imo.

F-Zero: Requests for a F-Zero newcomer usually go to Black Shadow. A lot of people want Black Shadow to be voiced by Norio Wakamoto.

Mother: Requests are uncommon, but when it does happen I usually see Kumatora.

Fire Emblem: Roy is one of the two most requested characters. After him, its Chrom for this series. Chrom is definitely one of the names that comes up a lot, but how much of this is "expected" versus actually "wanted" is hard to determine. A distant third is Lucina, who recently has taken up the mantle as the most wanted female Fire Emblem newcomer (that tiara last belonged to Micaiah over there). However, there is a debate amongst Lucina supporters whether her place would be better as a costume of Marth or a stand-alone character.

Kid Icarus: Palutena is the only character of this series that gets a large amount of requests. However, Palutena is definitely amongst the most wanted characters outside the cut Melee duo.

Pikmin: Pikmin requests never happen.

Wario: Wario requests never happen.

Retro: Retro requests are surprisingly uncommon. However, when it does happen its usually Takamaru.

Other: Shulk gets quite a lot of requests. Shulk is easily the most requested Nintendo character from a series not represented yet with a playable character in Smash Bros. A distant second would be Starfy. There are several Japanese Smash fans that mention Punch-Out and Little Mac's "overseas" popularity. Isaac (Robin in Japan) and Matthew get few requests. Saki and Isa also get few requests.

Third-party: Mega Man is by far the most requested third-party character, and the only one that comes up a lot. Mega Man is definitely amonst the most wanted characters outside the cut Melee duo. Aside from Mega Man, there is a lot of arguing and flame wars in regards to Namco. There is arguing not just about whether a Namco character should even be added, but amongst those who think one should be added there is no consensus. There are flame wars about which Tekken and Tales of character would be best for Smash Bros.

Here is a basic tier list amongst the characters that tend to get the most requests:


Mega Man
K. Rool

Dixie Kong
Waddle Dee

After that there is a large dropoff, and its quite difficult to group. However, most of the character requests are with these characters.

Also, its important noting that Toad is very popular in Japan, though this does not translate to Smash Bros. requests since these is a deep pessimism that his permanent role in the Smash Bros. series is as Peach's special. If such pessimism did not exist, Toad would definitely be amongst the most wanted newcomers for Smash 4 in Japan (possibly in the A-tier range).

That is pretty much what I saw. Sakurai has probably already decided most of the spots on the roster.

source: … u/64873505

I don't think Sakurai is putting Mewtwo in the game despite all of Japan and I wanting him back; he is seen as replaced in the minds of Game Freak with Lucario. KK Slider would have been amazing in Brawl, but doesn't have enough star power to get in. I don't see Ridley getting in since in the minds of Game Freak he is already there with Charizard. Dixie Kong is a cool character, but I don't think she inspires a cool moveset.

Razakin Jun 15, 2014

Are you guys missing the point of Conan's game review sketches? big_smile He really should do more of them, and I need to watch the shows again, for some reason I always get backlogged with them, even if they do show up 4 times a week.

GoldfishX Jun 15, 2014

Razakin wrote:

Are you guys missing the point of Conan's game review sketches? big_smile

You mean he's supposed to be acting retarded and we're supposed to be laughing at it? Yeah, I get it, I just prefer not to feed the troll.

Anyway, I'm following this one from afar. My inability to handle the Gamecube controller as a reliable fighting instrument will probably keep me away longterm, but the fanboy interest is there. Happy to hear Pit is supposed to be good so far. I want to see how Pac Man works out.

People sometimes ask me if I play Smash. I just say, "I play the games that the Smash characters come from...Does that count?"

Amazingu Jun 15, 2014

avatar! wrote:

you have all this video game knowledge stored in your head, but you don't know who was the second president of the United States?!

I find both equally useless (or useful!) trivia to be honest.

avatar! Jun 16, 2014

Amazingu wrote:
avatar! wrote:

you have all this video game knowledge stored in your head, but you don't know who was the second president of the United States?!

I find both equally useless (or useful!) trivia to be honest.

First, I don't think any knowledge is totally useless. Secondly, I think it's far more important to know history, in particular history that helped shaped the world and/or your country than various pop-culture references. That said, I admit that ALL of us know various pop-culture references whether it be music or video games or movies, etc. Nevertheless, I believe that knowing who was the second president of the United States is important not just as a fact, but to show that you have some working knowledge of American history. I believe that is what Conan was going for.

raynebc Jul 17, 2014

vert1 wrote:

I have no idea what is going on with Link's face anymore.

The easiest excuse is that it's "another" Link.  I've lost track of how many times he's been reborn.

Amazingu Aug 26, 2014

Yeah, I saw that leaked list when it got posted on GAF last week, and people weren't sure if it was real or not, but I guess these videos pretty much prove they're legit.

I don't have much of an interest in this series to be honest, but man, if Shulk is in there...

Amazingu Aug 27, 2014

Ashley Winchester wrote:

Did a NOA employee get canned over the latest video leak...? I vaguely remember hearing something about that.

I've heard that rumor as well. No idea if it's true though.

XLord007 Sep 13, 2014

I have two extra North American eShop Smash Bros. 3DS demo codes if anyone here wants to try the game early. If you want one of the codes, follow me on Twitter @Incisive_D and let me know that you'd like a code. Please include your STC handle in the tweet so I know you came from this site. I'll give the codes out via DM to the first two people who ask. If no one asks by tomorrow evening, I'll release them to the greater Twitter populace.

Qui-Gon Joe Sep 13, 2014

I never GOT my codes - and when I called Nintendo this morning the rep said everything should've been in order and I should've gotten them.  Of course tonight I still haven't gotten an email.  Blah!

absuplendous Sep 13, 2014

I've read that having the various qualifications needed to get the codes wasn't a guarantee--they selected a handful of people from those qualifiers, not all qualifiers. Personally, I'm not sure if being on Nintendo's mailing list would make getting a demo one week early all that worthwhile.

The game looks great, though, and the new music sounds excellent. Does anyone know who composed the main theme this time around?

Ashley Winchester Sep 15, 2014

vert1 wrote: … Socialflow

Careful with your slide-pads, gentlemen.

I'm sorry, the ONLY way your going to wreck your slide-pad is if your being WAY to aggressive with your movements. Not saying the frantic pace of the game doesn't lend itself towards that... but man, take some personal responsibility.

I can see younger children doing this because they don't know any better... and I pity their parents when they have to shell out for a new system or have it repaired.

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