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Bill C. Jun 1, 2006 (edited Jun 1, 2006)

Soundtrack.Net has snippets of the score (Williams by way of John Ottman) up now.  The server seems to be getting hammered, though from what little I've heard it's not bad...very faithful in spirit to Williams' original work, of course.  Unfortunately, the snippets--only about 0:30 or so--are just enough to get you interested, and no more.

EDIT: track 8, from the snippet they have up, might be the highlight of the whole thing.

Wanderer Jun 1, 2006

I'm not the biggest fan of Ottman, but these samples sound very promising. Hopefully, he can make up for his sadder attempts in the superhero genre.

Wanderer Jun 28, 2006

Just got back from seeing the movie. It was awesome. Music was quite good too.

Angela Jun 29, 2006

Gonna see the film this weekend.  I'd imagine I'll have to, because anything after Pirates could end up being a disappointment by comparison. >;)  Yes, I'm being quite biased, although a friend who saw both films concedes: Pirates trounces Superman in every regard.

Adam Corn Sep 11, 2006

So did anybody get the score album since this thread started?  Opinions?

Now that the film has finally made it to Japan I've seen it and listened to the score album once or twice.  I'm impressed - the arrangements and orchestrations of Williams' themes are as delightful as they've ever been and the original material - although essentially filler - is good filler smile

Can't let the previous "trouncing" comment go by without saying that while Pirates was decent enough I prefered Superman as a film and at this stage as a score as well.

Angela Jan 7, 2007

Having finally, FINALLY seen the film (and liking it lots), I've consequently gone ahead and ordered the album.  My assessment from hearing the music in the film, at least, is largely the same as Adam's; magnificent statements of the Williams Main Theme, coupled with excellently performed though somewhat filler-esque original material.  I really like Ottman's use of the choir in this one; they provide that sonorous, more personal edge for all the songs that they're featured in.

Ryu Jan 8, 2007

Yeah, I like the score.  I've not seen much of the first four Superman movies, so the movie itself stands sorta shaky solo.  It also ran way too long.  I'll have to second Angela's friend's assessment that Pirates is better.  DMC doesn't trounce it though, but I prefer it more than SR.

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