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Nemo Aug 19, 2006 (edited Aug 19, 2006)

Since I've always wanted a Dracula Pro-Fusion album and it's never going to happen, I'm trying to do the next best thing and track down all the Akumajo Dracula songs done by Kukeiha Club (the band), so far I've found:

Shuffle in the Dark (Bloody Tears) - Kukeiha Club
Vampire Killer (Live) - Konami All-Stars '93

Both excellent and I'm looking for some more, anyone know of any?

XISMZERO Aug 19, 2006

"Invisible Sorrow" by Motoaki Furukawa is somewhat Kukeiha Club styled. It's from the N64 Dracula/Castlevania and is quite good in contrast to the otherwise lame soundtrack/album (KICA-7942).

American Nightmare Aug 19, 2006 (edited Aug 19, 2006)

There is an arranged version of Vampire Killer on the Konamic Game Freaks CD (28XA-135 first print, SCDC-00465 reprint), which I'm pretty sure was performed by Kukeiha Club, although I don't own that album and I've never heard that arrangement (could be the same version as that on Konami All Stars '93 for all I know).

Also, although not performed by Kukeiha Club, several of the tracks from Dracula X ~ Midi Power Pro 6 are VERY pro-fusiony, especially tracks 3, 5, 6, 8 and 10.  As a matter of fact, I'd take this album over the SOTN OST any day! (cue fanboy/fangirl rants wink)

Full-length tracks from the Midi Power Pro 6 CD can be downloaded from  The Castlevania Dungeon, but of course I recommend tracking down the real deal if you can find a copy.

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