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Alex Sep 12, 2006

Have you seen the line-up of composers ( at the Video Games Live concert at the Hollywood Bowl on the 21st?  It's up to 23 people so far, and it looks like they're still adding people!  I'm really excited to see some names like Christopher Lennertz, Inon Zur, Jesper Kyd, etc., but what I'm most looking forward to is seeing Peter McConnell, Clint Bajakian, and Michael Land performing their music from Grim Fandango, Monkey Island, and other LucasArts games.  Grim Fandango is one of my favorite scores, and those old LucasArts titles are some of my favorite games of all time.  All that plus lots of other stuff like new music from Halo 3, and this should be one heck of a concert.  So who else is going besides me?

Ramza Sep 13, 2006

Grim Fandango et. al. (the old LucasArts titles) were so freaking cool. I don't remember anything being spectacular about their soundtracks though.

I can't make it, due to where I live, but please do a post-show report on the forums for us!


Arcubalis Sep 13, 2006

I'm going.  I think I may get in as media though, so I'll get the special treatment.  big_smile

Aside from that, Mustin and Tommy Tallarico have both confirmed that the Earthworm Jim Anthology album will go on sale for the first time at the concert.  I keep trying to update this info on GMR, but some asshole keeps changing it to 'delete me' and leaving nasty comments in their post.  Oh well.  I can't wait to get the album, and yeah, 23 people, AND BT and Dweezil Zappa and Steve Vai.  Can't wait!

Alex Sep 16, 2006

How can you not remember the LucasArts soundtracks, Ramza?!  You absolutely have to listen to Grim Fandango and Outlaws (they're free at, and there was great music in lots of others like the Monkey Island series, too.  But yeah, some of my fondest memories involve the 1990s LucasArts games:  Grim Fandango, Dark Forces, Curse of Monkey Island, Outlaws, Sam & Max Hit the Road…

By the way, the composer list is up to 26 now, having added Spencer Nilsen, Gary Schyman, and our very own Chris Tilton.  And I know this isn't music related, but I'm very excited Tim Schafer (creator of the excellent games Grim Fandango and Psychonauts) will be at the meet and greet!  Of course I'll be happy to do a post-show report -- you probably won't be able to shut me up!  : )

Good news about the Earthworm Jim Anthology -- I heard about that at VGL Houston, but I didn't know it would be out by now.  And did you get in as press, Acrubalis?  If so, maybe we'll bump into each other at the show.  Five more days!

Zaggart Sep 16, 2006

Arcubalis wrote:

Dweezil Zappa and Steve Vai.  Can't wait!

Excuse me while I go cry in a corner.

Arcubalis Sep 16, 2006

Haha, come on.  Dweezil and Steve Vai, that's cool.  Probably doing Halo 3 stuff.

Anyway, I don't know, Alex.  The press relations people are kinda nuts, saying it's hard for online media outlets to get in because of union regulations, whatever that means.  I should be able to go at least, just don't know if I'll be in the press area. 

There's no way they're going to fill the bowl, so I don't see why they can't get me a free seat.

Zaggart Sep 16, 2006

I'm not crying because I don't like them, I'm crying beause with Dweezil(I have only heard one track from him but he's Frank's son) and Vai, the show will probably be even more spectacular and I won't be there.

Mik Sep 19, 2006

Ah, to hear Monkey Island live would be awesome.  Too bad I live in another country.  Someone must film this!

Arcubalis Sep 20, 2006 (edited Sep 22, 2006)

Anyone going give me a call.  Probably going to meet up with Mazedude of the vg remxing community, so let me know if you wanna meet up.  I'm buying tickets on-site.

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