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Nemo Oct 11, 2006 (edited Oct 11, 2006)

I don't care what else comes out, this is the album of the year. And it's not even from the "professionals". Enter "The Lost Vampire Killer", if you haven't guessed yet it's a Dracula arrange doujin album (from Earth Soft Japan), and it's fookin' amazing. It's impossible to hide my Castlevania fanaticism so wherever a CV (or Chrono for that matter) album exists, I must prossess it and once I discovered this little beaut, I had no idea what to expect. With my recent doujin purchases I got a lot of trance, so I was almost ready for a trance-infused Dracula album (haha), but thankfully no sir, this album tackles everything but trance. You've rock, fusion, vocal, and even an opera track with dual male and female vocalists (though the male sounds kind of goofy smile). A surreal version of "Bloody Tears" that sounds like it could have been on Dracula New Classic (actually it sounds like they arranged the DNC version of BT, which is even cooler) and even a big band version of "Vampire Killer". Everything sounds so fresh and professional I wouldn't be surprised with some original Kukeiha Clubber worked on this album, it's that good.  The legacy of brilliant Dracula arrange albums has been revived!

Carl Oct 11, 2006

I saw a cover pic for this, on some website that was listing C70 goods, but haven't heard it yet... looking foward to getting a chance to sometime though  smile

Bill C. Oct 11, 2006

Dare I say it, I kind of like this.  Pretty much entirely for the third and fourth tracks, going off the samples, though the rest are very very eclectic...

niki Oct 20, 2006

Man, I've been looking for that one everywhere. =p

I'm a big fan of Earth Japan Soft, and them doing a full Dracula album sounds too perfect.

Why the hell arent you hanging in VGMC anymore? ;_;

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