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Carl Feb 11, 2007

Has anyone heard about what this year's bonus dvd will be (if any) from Uematsu's JP fan club?

2004 Black Mages DVD
2005 Tour de Japon DVD
2006 Black Mages II DVD
2007 and now... ?

chocobo000 Feb 11, 2007 (edited Feb 11, 2007)

Maybe one of the Dear/More Friends or Play concerts?

How about an exclusive CD, with unreleased tracks or some remixes/arrangements. Or maybe an unreleased OST from an old game.

Shoebonics Feb 11, 2007

( ;

Carl Feb 12, 2007

the VOICES show pretty much covered the FF aspects of the PLAY concerts, so I don't think there'd be more along those lines.  (Thankfully it was sold as retail, making it easier to get).

There hasn't been any Blue Dragon live promos or events that I've heard of yet, so that rather obvious product-placement opportunity looks pretty non existant at this time.

My only guess for now would be maybe a Kenji Ito Piano DVD, as his 3 pre-shows each featured different songs each time (performed before the TBM II concerts), but that notion has pretty slim footing.

Carl Feb 19, 2007

Thanks for the info, although it's a rather sucky item this year.

(On the bright side, at least I won't have to bother dropping $200 bucks this year to buy the bonus at auction, as this probably won't be worth obtaining).

Being on dialup I haven't listened to any of those radio broadcasts on the net, but all his fanclub members have most likely already done so, so it's probably a letdown for them too.

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