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Arcubalis May 30, 2009 (edited May 30, 2009)

He was talking about a new solo album some time back (where did he talk about this, exactly?).  It's finally here in the form of "10 Stories."  Apparently Uematsu is going to release one song from the album via iTunes every 2-3 months, with the full album releasing in Spring 2010.  They're also planning on translating the album into English shortler after the Japanese release in 2010.  Interesting approach.

We posted some more information about the album and some thoughts about the first song, "Here Comes Conga Boy," here:

You can also head here for a sample of the "Here Comes Conga Boy" track: … gaboy.html

Pretty catchy song.  Had to give it a few listens before it grew on me.

KujaFFman May 30, 2009

He mentioned the project in this interview:

The song is really catchy, it's Uematsu meets Katamari! I've read that Uematsu wrote the lyrics to these songs when he was still a student. I wonder what they say.

Arcubalis May 31, 2009

Most interesting that they plan to translate the album in English when it's done.

Oh yeah, Jtor/Dtoid.  I remember now.

Moses Aug 31, 2009

Well, the second single, "Coconut Castaway" is on iTunes now.

Also, if you've never took your chance to hear "Here comes Conga Boy", do it now. Its video is now freely available on Dog Ear Records Youtube channel. It's very... special.

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