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oddigy Mar 6, 2007

and she seems to do it quite well. :)

standard oddigy-style monolithic chunk o' wow can be found here, in about 10 minutes (still uploading) -

I recorded it directly from VGMTrans, with a little reverb to help it sound less flat.  On a few of the tracks (there are 48 total, I think, not counting the one dupe that snuck in there) there are some borked-sample pops, but it's not intrusive.  Heck, this is that "preview before you buy the OST" thing anyway, so it's not perfect on purpose.

file expires in a week, as per the usual.

There a couple of surprisingly rocking tracks in here.  Most of the music is well-done, albeit not particularly notable.  The piano work is impressive.  I'll probably try redoing a few tracks on a better synth later this week.

What do you guys think?

Qui-Gon Joe Mar 6, 2007 (edited Mar 6, 2007)

Amber wrote:

What do you guys think?

Edit: it worked this time!  Yay!  Good stuff, as expected.  Thanks!  Definitely gonna get this album.  SO much Shimomura stuff coming soon!

Dais Mar 6, 2007 (edited Mar 6, 2007)

I appreciate the effort, but man, VGMTrans-rendered DS music can be pretty hard to listen to sometimes. Something in my head is always saying "this can't be what it sounds like, even remotely". I understand it's not perfect and probably won't be perfect for some time or ever, but sometimes it kind of feels like listening to random MIDIs off Not to sound ungrateful to you or the program's creator....

That said, this certainly sounds like Shimomura's work (for, uh, obvious reasons!), and I can already tell there's some stuff to look forward to on the OST. Here's hoping Square does a good job with it. Thanks!

man, Shimomura's upbeat themes are always great.

XLord007 Jul 20, 2007

Finished listening to the soundtrack earlier tonight.  Very good stuff.  Probably not up there with any of her great works, but certainly better than anything she's done recently for the Kingdom Hearts series.  Recommended.

TerraEpon Jul 20, 2007

Huh, I disagree. This one was a pretty big let down for me. KH is a lot better.


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