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Arcubalis Mar 28, 2007


PLAY! is finally hitting the west coast.  San Jose, May 28.  A Saturday, even.  No special guests announced yet.  Anyone care to guess who will show up?

Arcubalis Apr 22, 2007

And they're also debuting Uematsu's Lost Odyssey and Grefberg's The Darkness.  I'm looking forward to those.

Additionally, they're giving away gifts to the first 1000 people in attendence.  The gifts will include merchandise from Dear Friends and More Friends as well as PLAY! stuff.

I've been dying for a west coast show, so I hope they get the sales they need to keep the show booked.  BUY YOUR TICKETS!

Cogo May 25, 2007

Anyone who is attending tomorrow's Play concert: please tell us all about it afterwards!

Arcubalis May 29, 2007

Here's my coverage:

There's PLAY! coverage and an interview with JMP.  I sent in the audio to my editor, so hopefully there will be an audio feed.

Watch for a Jeremy Soule interview that I did there in a couple days.  Be prepared to hear more from Jeremy Soule than you've ever heard before!

Nekobo May 30, 2007

I also went to the concert. After seeing the YouTube recording of the Chrono suite, I knew I had to go. Fanime, the anime convention, was also another fun reason to hit up San Jose, too. Anywho, overall, I thought it was a more enjoyable experience than the Video Games Live! concert back at the Hollywood Bowl in 2005. I was kinda miffed that VGL! reused pervious arrangements from the OGC series.  As for Play!, I was slightly disappointed with the performance of the orchestra...some of the notes felt off. The new arrangements were still wonderful, nonetheless. One of my friends, who sat in the front, also felt the same way. We also felt a bit jipped at the length of the Lair piece. I was really looking forward to hearing Castlevania and Silent Hill...especially the later, as I have not had the pleasure of hearing the music from the series live.

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