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Chris Apr 12, 2008

Some delightful news about PLAY! today: not only are they back with two new concerts, but they're also releasing a DVD and CD of a concert. Quoted from here:

If you were worried that PLAY! A Video Game Symphony were a tour of the past, they have just announced two new concerts and a CD / DVD release. On April 23, 2008, the tour will perform twice at the eminent Rudolfinum concert hall in Prague, Czech Republic. The world-famous Czech Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra and Kuehn's mixed choir will perform the two hour concerts, conducted by tour veteran Arnie Roth. The 5 PM concert will be a rehearsal performance and the 8 PM concert will be a recording concert for an upcoming CD and DVD. Tickets for both concerts can be bought via the official site.

The concerts will premiere the arrangement "Gusty Garden Galaxy" from Super Mario Galaxy composed by Mahito Yokota and Koji Kondo. It has also been announced that Lebanese percussionist Rony Barrak will be a guest performer for this item. In addition, regular items from the tour such as Final Fantasy, Zelda, Chrono, Metal Gear Solid, Sonic, Kingdom Hearts, Halo, Warcraft, and Silent Hill will be performed in conjunction with graphics on large screens above the orchestra.

Fans of video game music will be delighted to learn that the second Prague concert will be recorded for a CD and DVD release due for the near future. Producer Jason Michael Paul explains that they have been waiting for the right time to make this recording a reality: "The timing could not be better!... While it may be best known as home to the world’s greatest classical music venue as performed by the renowned Czech Philharmonic, this stunning orchestra hall has built a reputation as a destination for some of the best classical music recordings of our time." Unlike the abandoned Video Games Live: Greatest Hits - Vol. 1, this release is legitimate and approved by all game companies featured.

Pre-sale of the recording will be available from the soon and will, of course, be reviewed by Square Enix Music Online. If you're interesting in learning more about the tour, don't forget to visit the official site and its tickets page. Also check out our interview and review concerning the tour's premiere.

I think it's wonderful news. I'd love to hear polished performances of the items from the tour and I think Super Mario Galaxy is a great choice. I'll be getting the CD for certain after my great experiences at Stockholm (sorry, but no fan recordings compare).

Zane Apr 12, 2008

PLAY! was a great show when I went in Chicago, so I'm looking forward to hearing how this CD sounds. Barrak is an amazing percussionist and was one of the highlights of the show, so I'm sure he'll tear it up in Prague, too! Personally, I could do without One-Winged Angel and some of the other typical arrangements they had, but we'll see how the tracklist turns out. Any news if Yamaoka will be playing guitar live for the Silent Hill music? It would be strange to have him at a few shows but not at the one that gets published as a CD.

press release wrote:

Unlike the abandoned Video Games Live: Greatest Hits - Vol. 1, this release is legitimate and approved by all game companies featured.


Arcubalis May 24, 2008

A sneak-peek of the performance just went live at Music4Games:

There are a few interesting tid-bits, including photos of the performance, a partial set list, and commentary by JMP.  Wish I could have been there to hear the performance of "Wind Garden" from Super Mario Galaxy.

Carl May 24, 2008 (edited May 24, 2008)

website wrote:

...concluded Paul, “I am confident in saying that this will be the best video game music recording of all time.”

So this will be the only vgm cd we ever need to buy, hmmm....
Guess this hobby just got killed, oh no!!

Arcubalis May 24, 2008

Haha, best doesn't mean that you wont need other ones.  It'll just be the favorite one in your collection, I guess?

Kim K May 25, 2008

M4G wrote:

Be sure to watch for announcements of more concerts in the United States as well as a European tour that will make its way through Scandinavia, Germany, and other stops throughout Europe.

Is that based on something that JMP said?

Arcubalis May 25, 2008

Yeah, he personally relayed that info to me and said it was okay to publish.

rein Jun 30, 2008

Has the track list been published yet?  So far as I can tell, it hasn't, even though this recording is supposed to be released next month.

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