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James O Sep 9, 2008

I don't know of any other people on this board from Edmonton (the closest I can think of is Idolores from Calgary), but PLAY! is making a stop at the Jubilee on January 9, 2009.  I didn't go to Video Games Live when it was here mainly cause I wasn't around Edmonton at the time, so I got a ticket for this one.  When I went through the ticketmaster site the Orchestra pit seating (right up by the stage) was available, but I don't really want to be looking up the whole time so I just got a regular main floor seat.

Idolores Sep 9, 2008

Oh, dude. January? Could possibl-y swing that. I'd like to go to a damn video game concert at least once.

longhairmike Sep 9, 2008

Canada in january,, maybe attend a taping of ice road truckers too...

Idolores Sep 10, 2008

longhairmike wrote:

Canada in january,, maybe attend a taping of ice road truckers too...

Don't make me get my polar bear after you.

Marcel Sep 11, 2008

Go if you can.  The one in Toronto was the greatest night of my life!  I just wish they'd hit up London, England now that I live over here....

James O Jan 10, 2009

Scuse the bump, but PLAY! was tonight in Edmonton at the Jube...  It was a pretty good night of symphonic music.  Jeremy Soule was supposed to be there as a special guest, but he ended up being sick and couldn't make it (according to the conductor).

Merch table had programs, T-shirts, posters, and the new "Distant Worlds music from Final Fantasy" CD that comes out next Tuesday - this one:

They were supposed to have a PLAY! CD/DVD set that they just produced but it was being held up in customs apparently so that wasn't available to buy there but they said it would be available through the PLAY! website.

The performance itself used one screen playing videos of the games' music being performed by members of the ESO, and they had music from:

Super Mario Bros.
Battlefield 1942
Guild Wars
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Kingdom Hearts
World of Warcraft

Even though I've heard plenty of orchestra versions of Final Fantasy music, since it was my first time being to something like this I would have liked to hear it in person...  They did say they're already trying to schedule a return to Edmonton later this year so maybe they'll switch it up for that performance, and Video Games Live! is coming again this year too.

The Castlevania stuff they ended with though was quite good.  I'm not 100% sure but the first bit they played for that I think was direct from Dracula New Classic... sweet.

All in all it was a nice way to spend a couple hours.

Arcubalis Jan 10, 2009

Wow, no Jeremy, no CD.  Surprised.

Idolores Jan 13, 2009

I missed this due to complications in my life. Damn, I'd have given me  right eye to have been there.

Carl Jan 13, 2009

I'm glad you got to keep your eye though.

Idolores Jan 13, 2009

Carl wrote:

I'm glad you got to keep your eye though.

Eye thank you for that. tongue

Chris Jan 13, 2009 (edited Jan 13, 2009)

Thanks for the info James. It was very helpful for me.

Arcubalis wrote:

Wow, no Jeremy, no CD.  Surprised.

Sarcasm? I wasn't!

Ridiculous they missed Chrono, Final Fantasy, and Metal Gear Solid. Of all pieces to cut... Let's hope they manage to rehearse them in subsequent concerts.

Cogo Jan 14, 2009

Regarding the CD, here is the tracklist:

PLAY! Opening Fanfare
Commodoro 64-Medley
Sonic the Hedgehog™
Crono Cross®
Silent Hill 2®
Kingdom Hearts™
Battlefield Featuring Rony Barrak
World of Warcraft®
The Elder Scrolls® IV: Oblivion™
Guild Wars

And by following the link below, you will find some previews from it: … ucts_id=28

It is very sad that Nintendo didn't let the Mario and Zelda medleys in, but at least there are some decent tracks left in there. Battlefield featuring Rony Barrak is one of them.

Chris Jan 17, 2009 (edited Jan 17, 2009)

After quite a bit of searching, I was able to find out the album definitely shipped at least to some customers and even purchased myself a copy on iTunes. I've basically compiled all the basic information on the album and given my early thoughts here. In short, great arrangements, decent selection, under-rehearsed performances, bad recording quality. You can find more information in the album coverage and the concert report on the event itself.

Mik Jan 31, 2009 (edited Jan 31, 2009)

I received my Play! CD and DVD set.  It looks kind of like someone made it at home.  The booklet and CD labels have a very distinct quality of being printed on a home printer.  The CD is also clearly a CD-R and the DVD is a DVD-R.  It didn't come with any shrink-wrapping at all.  The recording has some pops and static on a few tracks, in particular the Halo one.  The performance is also sloppy in parts.  Nevertheless it's worth owning for the Battlefield, Elder Scrolls, and Guild Wars tracks.  Overall, the Video Games Live CD is much, much better in sound and recording quality; quality of the discs and booklet; and overall professionalism.

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