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JasonMalice Apr 7, 2007

Do you enjoy this game's music, or dislike it?

absuplendous Apr 7, 2007

There were only a handful of tunes that I liked/found memorable. I'm assuming your question is in regard to the NES-like instrumentation, but that didn't bother me terribly, I just didn't dig the compositions.

Jodo Kast Apr 7, 2007

I think it's cool music and I'd like to hear full versions, like what was done with FF Tactics Advance.

Drakken Apr 7, 2007

I didn't get very far in the game, but what I heard was horrible.

Jodo Kast Apr 7, 2007

Drakken wrote:

I didn't get very far in the game, but what I heard was horrible.

Although I only beat the game once and didn't find everything, I unlocked a boss rush mode, which was rather enjoyable.
The game is worth finishing simply for that. Overall, the game was eerie, more so than the other CVs I've played.

Dais Apr 8, 2007

I really don't know how to describe my feelings for the Harmony music. Some of it seems like good music held back by the decisions made about sound quality, some of it just seems compositionally or conceptually poor, and some of it works exceptionally well despite - or sometimes because of - the sound engine shortcomings (notable examples being Name Entry 2K, Successor of Fate, To The Center of the Demonic Castle, Old Enemy, and the fantastic Offense and Defense). The overall score is hard to sum up without using the word "chaotic" and hinting at ones like "experimental" and "nontraditional", and it's even harder to pass a single opinion on it.

That said.....I think the soundtrack was somewhat underwhelming when you consider the talent the composer quite apparently has, and I personally find about half the music hard to listen to outside of the game (and about a quarter of it hard to listen to in the game!). I really wish I could hear what the songs would sound like if Hokkai was given the task of rewriting the tunes to take advantage of more powerful hardware/ a better sound engine - or hell, even arranged for live instruments. I guess I'll just have to hope I someday slip into the alternate dimension where Harmony was the game that got remade for PSP, instead of Dracula X.

Also! It earns some definite points for using the Castlevania Adventure game over theme. And Yamane's arrangement of Vampire Killer might be my favorite "in game" version of the song.

XLord007 Apr 8, 2007

Drakken wrote:

I didn't get very far in the game, but what I heard was horrible.

The music was decent, not great.  The game was too easy, but still kinda fun.  I liked it more than the ball busting CotM, though Aria was the best of the GBA titles.

Ashley Winchester Apr 8, 2007

XLord007 wrote:

...the ball busting CotM.

...funny you should mention that, I was with my neighbor when he bought it and I gave him fair warning it wasn't walk in the park like LoI and CoD he just finished (although I thought the last boss in LoI was a real pain!). I think he sold if back within the week... of course, he's the kind of person when they get stuck in a game they just give up or is too lazy to read up on a game FAQ

JasonMalice Apr 8, 2007

JasonMalice wrote:

Do you enjoy this game's music, or dislike it?

I really enjoy it, on all levels.

Although, arrangements would be nice, as long as they didn't change the feel of the music.

Zane Apr 17, 2007

I started HOD again last night, and I really enjoy the music in-game. It has a real NES-sounding "instrument set" going for it, and I feel that it fits the game very well. I wouldn't put it on my iPod or anything, but I have no complaints about it while I'm whipping candles.

Megavolt Apr 17, 2007

I like the NES-sounding style myself.  It gives it an aged feel that seems appropriate for Dracula's castle.

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