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lordskylark Jun 20, 2007

I was wondering if anyone knew how well (or not well) this game sold. I was wondering if the sales were high enough that people would think they would remake Romancing Saga 2 and 3 in similar format. I have no interest in playing them, but I though the OST for Minstrel Song was amazing, and would look forward to Kenji Ito redoing the OSTs for the 2nd and 3rd game in the series. I was just wondering if it was probable to ever expect that to happen.

Thanks. God bless,

chocobo000 Jun 20, 2007 (edited Jun 20, 2007)

It sold pretty well in Japan (around 500k), but bombed in the US (<100k?), no thanks to the bad taste left behind by Unlimited SaGa. I'm surprised they didn't make another game in the series in yet, but maybe the dev team has been working on other projects. I think there will definitely be a new SaGa game, perhaps a remake on the DS.

Cedille Jun 20, 2007

Yeah, it sold about 450,000 copies in Japan and it could sell more, since it has widely been out-of-stock after the release, which was actually a big opportunity loss, considering how Japan's market in general depends on the first week's sale. Rretail stores hesitated to order it because they had had an enormous amount of Unlimited Saga deadstock (you still can buy it for $1 tongue).

I think SE's Saga team (ex-2nd div team?) is currently working on The Last Remnant or Crystal Chronicles games, and they will sold more, at the very least, in US and EU than a remake of RS2 or RS3. So, I'm afraid no remake of RS will ever be developed.

GoldfishX Jun 21, 2007

I remember the price for this fluctuated a lot...From $40 down to $20, then it went back up to $40. I remember thinking it might have been something of a rare release, then it went back down to $20, now I think it's $30.

I don't know...After Saga Frontier 1, I'm not touching a SaGa game that isn't Final Fantasy Legends 2. It's fun to keep tabs on where the price is each trip to Gamestop, though...

allyourbaseare Jun 21, 2007

You could probably pick up Unlimited SaGa for around 10 bucks used at any gamestop.  The same thing can probably be said for Romancing Saga.  Unlimited SaGa wasn't a bad game per se... but it did take some getting used to.  Had I spent more time with it, I think I could've appreciated the game a little more.

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