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XLord007 Mar 3, 2006

Even though Famitsu gave CoM a pretty high score (36/40 IIRC), NCSX seems to indicate that it's not terribly interesting:

NCS Game Notes wrote:

* Children of Mana features crisp graphical gloss and moody music. It's a little gem to look at listen to but the game play is pretty much one dimensional. After taking a mission in town, your party heads on over to a dungeon for exploration, plunder, and attack. Wash, rinse, repeat. Plowing through the dungeon in good speed affects your overall score but blowing through it too fast will cause you to miss treasure chests. There's a magic system which add a wrinkle to the battles and a berserker mode where the party goes into overdrive with quick and powerful attacks.

* Once a dungeon has been conquered, it may be revisited by taking on new missions that have revised objectives and winnings.

* When and if Square Enix decides to release the game in the USA, they should allow gamers to change weapons inside a dungeon. In the Japanese version, there is no way to switch weapons until you exit the dungeon.

oddigy Mar 3, 2006

Hrm, sounds like a Mysterious Dungeon game, honestly.
It doesn't sound like a Seiken Densetsu game. :(

Dais Mar 3, 2006

Apparently neither of you have actually read anything about the game, save this little misleading blurb.

shdwrlm3 Mar 3, 2006

Apparently neither of you have actually read anything about the game, save this little misleading blurb.

NCSX does have a habit of only playing games for a few seconds before putting up a description.  I remember for Mawaru Made in Wario/Wario Ware Twisted, they claimed that the game was a lot more fun because Nintendo decided to get rid of the time constraints. However, the only place where there's no timer is during the mini-tutorial course when you start the game, which must mean they never bothered to play past it before posting their blurb >_<

The general consensus, however is that it CoM is indeed a dungeon-crawler. I think you mentioned that it was developed by the team that did Shining Soul I/II, and, in fact, many people are comparing CoM to those games. Now, I did enjoy Shining Soul II (and to a lesser extent, SSI), but I'll be very disappointed if CoM is just a Shining Soul game with some Mana elements added on. I'm just not sure if Mana and dungeon-crawling mix well, but I'll reserve judgment until I actually play it.

Seeing as I don't have a DS yet anyway, I'll probably just get the OST and art book, assuming they actually come out with them. I'm really loving the art style, so I hope they find some way to exhibit the art in print form.

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