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Cogo Dec 3, 2007 (edited Dec 3, 2007)

If you got the chance to ask Nobuo Uematsu something, what would it be? You never know, maybe your question will get an answer very soon. But hurry up, because I will meet Uematsu 12 hours from now!

Idolores Dec 3, 2007

What did he personally find as the most challenging game to work on, and why?

Cedille Dec 3, 2007

- Why did you ended up only contributing one track to Final Fantasy XII while in several interviews you stated it would be his solo work again, and even made more than 10 motives?

- How much do Shiro Hamaguchi, or more recently Hiroyuki Nakayama and Satoshi Henmi usually arrange your sequence data which you sketch with Roland SC-88pro?

I'll edit this post if more questions come to my mind.

Marcel Dec 3, 2007

When I met him in September 2006, I asked him (asides from if I could take a picture with him) when his new Black Mages album was coming out.  He said soon.  =p

Dais Dec 4, 2007 (edited Dec 4, 2007)

history shows that I would ask him about the music of Dynamitracer (especially the title theme), the original version of "The Landing" from FFVIII, and the unused music from FFIIj that was never used in the later upgrades, among other things.

man, I'm pretty boring.

Cram Dec 4, 2007

"Nobuo, how much $ will it cost me for you to give me a poetrygirl-less version of 'Lot's of Little' from your Phantasmagoria album?"

Zane Dec 4, 2007

I had the chance to say anything to Uematsu when I met him last year in Chicago, and despite the fact that I haven't been his biggest fan as of late, I figured I'd tell him that FFVI is one of my all time favorite scores and give him a "thank you" for impacting my life the way that his music has. I get to the front of the line and I see him staring at me, this same dude that I've seen pictures of for years and have spent hours and days and weeks listening to his music, and I panic. I just blank out and hope that I didn't soil myself in front of Angela Aki.

I stood there at the autograph table, handed over my FFVII booklet for him to sign and whimpered, "Picture"? Chudah then took a picture of us, him sitting smugly at the table and me in my Hawaiian shirt leaning toward him with an "I think I just peed my pants" face.

So, if I could ask him anything I would ask him if he would consider composing all his future projects with the SFC sound chip in mind. That stuff is mint.

XISMZERO Dec 4, 2007

I'd hope not to get his name wrong.

Vainamoinen Dec 4, 2007


First question should definitely concern "Black Mages 3". The end of the year is nigh, and he promised to produce two discs by the end of 2007. Where are they?!

Something about "Lost Odyssey" as number two (Is it still scheduled to be released in Japan the day after tomorrow?). I've heard about 50 tracks... sounds like two discs. Hopefully, he'd be happy to talk about that.

Third question: "How happy are you with the general tendency to just reproduce previously orchestrated music at concerts with FF music, instead of new arrangements?"

...naturally, more questions about his future could arise. Next project, for example?

Qui-Gon Joe Dec 4, 2007

I still feel kind of bad that when I met him, he was with Mizuta and Tanioka and I pretty much blatantly ignored him in my excitement to ask Tanioka about her involvement in upcoming FFCC stuff.  Oops.

Cogo Dec 6, 2007

I'm sorry guys, but I only had the time to print out the three first questions before I met Uematsu and I didn't get that much time with him, so you will have to bear with my questions later, when the interview is published. I'll let you know.

longhairmike Dec 7, 2007

you shouldve asked him if his mustache was real...

Qui-Gon Joe Dec 7, 2007

longhairmike wrote:

you shouldve asked him if his mustache was real...

The heck with the mustache... ask if the hair is.  Watching that mane flop around when he gets really rockin' at concerts is MESMERIZING.

McCall Dec 28, 2007 (edited Sep 10, 2012)


Ramza Dec 28, 2007

Very cool interview. I like that he is friends with Yamaoka! ^^

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