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Ramza Dec 27, 2007

Hey yall,

I just recently played thru Kirby Canvas Curse ... surprised by how much fun it was.

Anyway, I'm not a real Kirby music expert. In fact, I don't know much music from any game if it's not an RPG. You know how I roll, right? tongue

So, three questions:

1) are there any soundtrack releases with Canvas Curse music on it? I'm guessing no, since Nintendo's "we don't print soundtracks anymore" bullshit ... but I figured I'd ask.

2) where can I get the NDS music?

3) my favorite song is called "Mad Mechanism" (named after the stage theme). It's CRAZY good. My hope is that the song was in previous Kirby games so I can hear it in other sound formats. But I wouldn't know. Any Kirby / Jun Iwasaki experts know the answer?


CHz Dec 27, 2007 (edited Dec 27, 2007)

1). Nope. Not even any tracks on The Very Best of Kirby because the game came out after the CD was released.

2). Kirby's Rainbow Resort has a rip. It would not surprise me if there's one out there that's higher quality, though.

3). Mad Mechanism is an arrangement of Studying the Factory (Factory Investigation in other translations) from Kirby 64, which does have an OST. Studying the Factory is probably in my top 5 Kirby tracks of all time, though your mileage may vary. No other arrangements in the series, yet.

Also, it's Ishikawa. wink

Ramza Dec 27, 2007

lol yeah Ishikawa, my bad. I got the first letter right. tongue

Well I'll have to check out the Kirby 64 track to see what I think. Thanks for letting me know!


Kaleb.G Dec 27, 2007

Factory Investigation is awesome. That is all.

Ramza Dec 27, 2007

Well, I got ahold of the Kirby 64 Factory Investigation. It's definitely good. But honestly, and you may not believe me ... I like the DS version more. It's faster, which is great for the "B" section (y'know ... duhnaLEEH!! duhnaLEEH, duhnaLEEH, duhnaLEEH!!!!)

Yeah, I like this song a lot.

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