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Tim JC Aug 3, 2010

Huh, I hadn't seen that before. I have seen a number of other box art comparisons where the US release is given more "attitude," or subjected to the movie poster treatment, for better or worse (ICO was an example of worse). I guess Kirby gave in to conformity.

Datschge Aug 3, 2010

At other boards (like Neogaf) this has been long known and already was part of memes regarding cheap localizations (á la "what needs to be done to release a game in the west" cue cheap photoshopped angryfaced Japanese cover art).

XLord007 Aug 7, 2010

He's one tough cream puff!

shdwrlm3 Aug 7, 2010

It's not just Kirby's angry eyes that bother me; I've always thought that the new Kirby logo is atrocious. It's trying way too hard to be cool.

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