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XLord007 Sep 21, 2011

Anyone else playing this?  Game is pretty damn great: there's nothing like seeing 10 Kirbys swarm and destroy everything in their path.  I cleared the first world and several of the minigames (both pinball and the shmup are awesome), and I love it so far.  If this is in fact Nintendo's last first party DS game, it's one hell of a sendoff.

If you want to know more, here's Destructoid's review: … 1567.phtml

absuplendous Sep 22, 2011

... pinball? Suddenly my interest in this game is far more immediate.

James O Sep 26, 2011

This game is great fun - keeping me up at night, which for me is the sign of a good one that keeps my interest.  Medal hunting is key because it unlocks those great mini-games my favs being Kirby Quest, Kirby Brawl (Pinball), and the shmup (I forget what it's called off hand).  I have stopped trying to get a gold star for no damage to any Kirbys, because it's damn near impossible on some levels - you can't use the warp door to get a gold star either.

All in all, great game and the music is quite good too.

XLord007 Sep 28, 2011

I'm midway through the second world and still loving it.  One of the best stylus-exclusive games in some time.

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