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Bernhardt Feb 22, 2008 (edited Feb 22, 2008)

Ohohohohohooo...! What might this be...? A mistake, perhaps a trick, or is this really supposed to be the Chrono Cross Arrange album...?!

Of course, according to the tracklist, it's a number of pieces from a number of his different scores, not just Chrono Cross...

McCall Feb 22, 2008 (edited Sep 10, 2012)


Bernhardt Feb 22, 2008 (edited Feb 22, 2008)

McCall wrote:

"Eminence Symphony Orchestra." Check them out on wikipedia. This is a concert recording.

Yes, I'm familiar with Eminence.

What I'm asking is, do you suppose THIS is the "Chrono Cross Arrange" album we'll be getting, is an album with only a few Chrono Cross remixes on it, and done by orchestra?

Or do you suppose the Chrono Cross Arrange album that's supposedly in the works is going to be another, different album from this concert recording?

Kirin Lemon Feb 22, 2008 (edited Feb 22, 2008)

Seeing as the Chrono Cross tracks are in the minority, I doubt this is what we've been waiting for.  What a crime that would be.

I'm really excited to hear the arrangement of "Mai" from .hack//Liminality, though - it's a great track!  "Sweet Memories" or "Epitaph" would have been even better choices!

Vaeran Feb 22, 2008

This CD has been out since sometime last year -- I picked up a copy at Otakon, where Eminence performed live.

Ramza Feb 22, 2008

yeah, the Eminence recordings are NOT the CC Arrange. If they were, then Mitsuda would be a lying ass.

Qui-Gon Joe Feb 22, 2008

Yeah, I was just looking at the post card I got from his fan club (when it still existed) and he wrote on there that he was working on an actual Chrono Cross arranged CD.  This other thing isn't it (that said, anybody know if it's any good?).

jb Feb 22, 2008

It's not exceptional but it's not bad either.  If you have a thing for strings you might like it.  There are a lot of videos on Youtube of them performing in Australia and Otakon that can give you a good idea of what they sound like.

I have the Passion cd, the Studio Ghibli arrange cd and the John Williams film music arrange c d that they were selling at Otakon last year.

DreamerNL Feb 25, 2008

Wow, I remember back in 2004 or something the CC arrange album would get a release... and it's still not out???? sheesh!!

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