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Chrono Cross Music Selection



19 minutes total
  1. Chrono Cross-Scars of Time
  2. The Bend of Time
  3. Chronomantique
  4. Magical Dreamers-Wind, Stars, and Waves
  5. The Girl Who Stole the Star
  • Released in 2000 by Squaresoft (retail promo).
  • This CD is a promotional item given free to people who pre-ordered the U.S. game release of Chrono Cross.
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


A joke of a CD!

Reader review by Brad Stabler

I pre-ordered Chrono Cross in order to get this rare CD. I was expecting 74 minutes of fine music from the game. Then came a shock. 5 tracks, only about 20 minutes of music. What?! Compared to the orignal three-CD release, this soundtrack is a total joke. Square took this CD and used it as a cheap prop to sample Mitsuda's work. Too bad for Square.

Track 1 is the only stand-out for obvious reasons. The rest pale in comparison. Square took all these CDs and hyped them up. Too bad they all stink horribly. Do yourself a favor, and get the three-CD release. You'll be a lot happier.

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