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lordskylark Mar 29, 2008

I was curious, did anyone ever happen to make/find a recording of the missing tracks from the Chocobo's Dungeon Labyrinth of Time? I was really interested in hearing some of the remixs.

Also, did anyone happen to find a copy/mp3s of the "Chocotto Soundtrack"?

Thanks. Blessings,

Zane Mar 29, 2008

Interesting rip. In a perfect world, some of those tunes would have made it to the official release while "Door Crawl" and Tanioka's tunes would have been left out.

Angela Mar 29, 2008

Nice.  These are certainly songs culled from the darker realms of the Final Fantasy universe.  FF5's The Book of Sealings always gives me chills every time I hear it.  I especially love FF5's Cursed Earth and FF9's Place of Memory.

Chris Mar 29, 2008

On a somewhat relate note, did anyone do a complete rip of the music in Chocobo no Mahou to Ehon / Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales? I found the iTunes release really underwhelming but maybe this will inspire me to reconsider my views.

As for this rip, my source asked to remain confidential, but I'm glad to see it's passing around.

KujaFFman Mar 29, 2008

Yes, Chris, there is a complete rip of Chocobo Tales. Here: (I'm sorry, the tags are not accurate)

That iTunes album was fairly weak, so I'm sure you will find the actual music from the game more interesting. Dungeon themes--from "Chocobo Village" to "Prelude"--are really good. Tracks from "Fiddle de Chocobo" to "Defeat" are used during the mini-games, and "Ride On" during the credits.

lordskylark Mar 29, 2008 (edited Mar 29, 2008)

While listening to the arrangements of many of the new games (Chocobo's Magic Picture Book, Chocobo's Dungeon Labyrinth of Time, the two Itadaki Street Special Games), the arrangements are not all that different from the original game. I wish they would at least change the style, or key, or something unique (like making a battle theme out of Tina's Theme or something, or taking the main theme of "J-E-N-O-V-A" and making it into a town theme).     

Chocobo Racing did something significant with changing the style, etc to make an arrangement that sounded significantly different.  And whenever the Chocobo Theme is arranged for a new game, the arrangement is significantly different.

I think there's not much uniqueness with arrangements lately...

A note on Chocobo Tales...
The itunes release does contain one track that is not present in the game rip.

Sami Jan 5, 2009

These are great, thanks! Seems like a few of these tracks are on the new Chocobo Dungeon soundtrack. Does anybody know if the tracks on that list are the same quality as the Wii Chocobo Dungeon or if they're DS synth? That track list causes some drooling...

TerraEpon Jan 5, 2009 (edited Jan 5, 2009)

Having listened to the new Chocobo Dungeon OST, I must say it's really pretty bland. Nothing new or interesting in the arrangements (compared to the Wii game from a year ago which is fantastic), and the new music is completely ho-hum.

(edit -- Yeah, I see this thread is about the Wii game big_smile)

Dais Jan 6, 2009

That's not actually for any of the Chocobo Dungeon games, but actually the two chocobo magic picture book games - we got the first here as "Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales". They basically mix minigames and card battles in to what is a surprisingly agreeable formula.

The DS synth of the first game was actually pretty decent (even if the arrangements were generally unimaginative, a problem that seems to dog FF spinoffs). I wouldn'tt say any of it really stands out as good DS music, though. Although it's been linked to in this thread, so I suppose you can judge for yourself.

The synth for the port/remake of Chocobo Dungeon Wii to DS (not released outside Japan yet, and may never be) is actually pretty damn good, and did a very good job at adapting the music to a lower quality format. Some tracks suffer more than others, but most pull through quite well. It seems to have cut and added a few tunes from the Wii version (I can't find "Together Forever", "Guardian of Darkness 1" or "Chain of Sorrows", but the final boss theme from FFIV is in there now, as is Battle 1 from FF3).

Interestingly, in a case or two where effects couldn't be directly replicated, interesting improvisations were made. Compare the Wii version of "Book of Sealings" with this DS version. Granted, the 2sf emulation may not be right, but it's a pretty different way of creating a sinister, unpleasant atmosphere: … ngs%29.mp3

I can't comment on the second magic picture book (the second disc of that set, and what's referenced with "Mahou to Shoujo to 5-nin no Yuusha"), though. I haven't tried it in VGMtrans and a 2sf set hasn't been ripped.

fake edit hours after starting this post: I probably should've posted this sooner so Terra wouldn't look dumb.

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