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the_miker May 2, 2008

Nice.  Now where is FFXII's?


Ramza May 2, 2008

Fer real. We need FFXII, and they should also release a I.II.III collection on one disc. Seventy minutes of oldschool.

Word on the street is that this separate release of the FFXI Piano Collection will include new arrangements from Wings of the Goddess.

Translation? "Hey you guys that bought a seven disc box set. Suck it."


Cedille May 2, 2008

In short, this is a whole new FFXI PC. A game having two piano arranged albums is really surprising, if it's not the first-ever case.

I really hope the old Ronfaure theme is included.

lordskylark May 2, 2008

That website says "Final Fantasy Premium Box" on it. I am fluent in kana (doesn't help too much) and can't run it through a translation since it's not raw text --

Is that what is says, that it's different than the Box set?


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