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xanadujin May 29, 2008

I just got an email from Sega Direct saying Sega, Inc. has opened a new store under the title "Sega Store" through Enterbrain's online shop Ebten.  They plan to continue developing Sega-exclusive goods for the store as before, and due to strong demand, have reissued a number of goods that were previously sold out.  This is excellent news!  Here is the new link:  All Sega Direct customer information has been scrapped, so customers will have to re-register for Sega Store.  Unfortunately for those outside of Japan, Ebten appears to be Japan only as well.  Hopefully Kahori will be able to localize some goods for those overseas.

- Justin Pfeiffer

P.S. This "History of SegaHard 1983 - 1998" t-shirt is so mine. :)

Qui-Gon Joe May 29, 2008

That's great news for anyone who missed out on some of the later releases.  Apparently I didn't need to scramble to snatch up the Phantasy Star and NiGHTS complete albums as quickly as I did!

charmed699 May 29, 2008 (edited May 29, 2008)

That is brilliant news and explains a lot why last night I noticed this seller on ebay putting back his SEGA Direct albums down to a normal price! big_smile

Thanks for the fantastic news again mate and really looking forward to getting some items too.

There really seems to not be a way to register and order myself as they dont want to send outside of Japan! If I read correctly shipping is free if you spend over 5,000 yens right? I might ask a friend to get me some soundtrack cds then but no tshirts as I got way too many.

allyourbaseare May 29, 2008

So maybe they'll work on putting out a Sonic the Hedgehog collection?  Please?

Ashley Winchester May 29, 2008

allyourbaseare wrote:

So maybe they'll work on putting out a Sonic the Hedgehog collection?  Please?

My thoughts exactly wink The other "blue boy" deserves a box already!

Lucy Aug 29, 2008

What's the best way to order from the store? I don't see the reprints of some CDs at VGMworld or anymore.

xanadujin Aug 31, 2008

Go to the link posted above, which I'll repost for you here:
You must reside in Japan, however.  If Kahori isn't listing something anymore but it is available on Sega Store, she can probably special order it for you.  Try emailing her.

- Justin Pfeiffer

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