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XISMZERO Aug 1, 2008

SEGAROCKS, lead by Shintaro Ito. One of the Sega "tribute" bands who emerged in 2003, released two CD volumes and a live concert album a couple years back.

I really liked their albums. They've really grown on me in these past years -- fun arrangements to many games I've never played. Both were solid rock albums which featured superb guitar work. Anyone have any idea what happened to them?

Carl Aug 2, 2008

While their work didn't thrill me as much as I'd hoped, it is a good question as to why they made a grand entrance with a big flash (3 cds within 7 months) and then had no staying power for anything later.   

My uninformed guess would be that sales might not have been up to the expected financials, which is usually the main reason for anything to come to a halt.

Zane Aug 3, 2008

I'd love to hear more SEGAROCK stuff... the two studio albums are incredible.

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