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the_miker Apr 7, 2010

Not quite the Sonic Mega Drive Box we wanted, Sega.  But you're getting closer.

Rough translation:

Home video game console released by Sega in 1988, "Mega Drive" Appuguredobusuta the "Super 32X".
Mega Drive were 16bit machine to 32bit is the strongest power and peripherals to the machine.

This "Super 32X" to commemorate the 15th anniversary since it was finally released on December 3, 1994,
Uebumasuta in the Super 32X spell in a number of classic music was released on CD only bon appétit album will be released.
Mega Drive 32X colored the last years of music-only games, the added noise sampled by a dedicated source PWM,
"Dare" 32X has attracted mega selected driver.
Among them this carefully selected particularly memorable game was a complete recording their music.
Power-up arcade game ported memorable popular music with innovative features Replay
』[Virtua Racing Deluxe, full of exhilaration [Suteraasaruto』 flight shooters,
[Paras 』Kuotabyushutingu code, such as robot』 FPS [Metal Head, all of the first album.

Actual recording as well as two loops recorded Almost all high-quality music.
The liner notes also posted the comments and sound personnel, 32X memories and talks.
- Space Harrier (32X version)
- Suteraasaruto
- Virtua Racing Deluxe
- Pallas Code
- Metal Head
- Virtua Fighter (32X version)

Neat. smile

tri-Ace Super Fan Apr 7, 2010

I'm surprised Sega doesn't want to completely forget the existence of the 32X.

Smeg Apr 7, 2010

You're late, Miker - April Fool's was last week dude.

Kewing Darksun Apr 7, 2010

tri-Ace Super Fan wrote:

I'm surprised Sega doesn't want to completely forget the existence of the 32X.

My thoughts, exactly. Some of the games featured here aren't even that memorable.

xanadujin Apr 19, 2010

I saw this too.  And got really excited until I noticed it didn't have any Knuckles Chaotix music on it.  Actually, they need to just make a separate release for that game alone, so it really shouldn't matter here.  Seems like they included some Hataya and Nanba stuff on there, some of which can be had via music files, but it would still be really cool to have.  Definitely considering it.

- Justin Pfeiffer

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