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Ugly Bob Jan 24, 2006

It appears that Capcom is finally releasing the FULL soundtrack to their masterpiece, Resident Evil 4! According to their website, it contains 62 tracks on 2 CD's. To make sure, I compared it with Biohazard Sound Chronicle, which has 31 tracks from Bio 4!

I would like you guys to help me confirm this before I buy it, as Chudah's does not seem to have any information on it. … tid=750117

Thanks in advance!

Qui-Gon Joe Jan 24, 2006

Simply stunning.  Capcom USA is selling the import of the soundtrack to Biohazard 4 on its US website but is refusing to sell more copies of the US release of Phoenix Wright.  That's... mind blowing.  I'm almost convinced at this point that Capcom released that game in the states assuming it wouldn't sell well just so they could say "SEE?  This is why we don't release these here.  You don't buy them." and now that there's actually a demand, they're stopping production so as not to prove themselves wrong.

Woo.  Tangent.  Anyhow, the Biohazard 4 book/CD set SHOULD be the full ost.  I had sort of forgotten that was coming out here in Japan soon.

Ugly Bob Jan 24, 2006

thanks for the info. Do you know more about the Japanese release? does not mention it.

As for Phoenix Wright, looks like I better get that game soon now!

Zane Jan 24, 2006

I think it's cool that you can grab this off of the Capcom US website. However, it is not cool that Capcom nixed the RMX Collection extras so they could use them in the Maverick Hunter PSP games. Such a bittersweet company to follow.

musicjack Jan 24, 2006

This is great news, as the Biohazard Sound Chronicle I bought from Zane really makes me want more of BH4! Bring it on.
I just started playing Phoenix Wright and it is pretty darn cool.

As a side note i am much more impressed with the DS game selection than the PSP.


Cram Jan 24, 2006

There were 62 tracks of music in ResEvil4? I noticed maybe 10 including boss battles. I learned something today.

Angela Jan 24, 2006

Ahh, the perfect excuse to order DMC3: SE along with.  Thanks for the heads-up, Bob!

Kenology Jan 24, 2006

I hate soundtrack books... that's what kept me from buying SC2's OST.  I want an official jewel case! 

But I'll take this OST though... better than nothin' I suppose.

Ugly Bob Jan 25, 2006


I recall hearing something about SC2's "book" box. Does it get damaged easily by not having a jewel case?

Kind of like Panzer Dragoon Saga for the Saturn?

Kenology Jan 25, 2006

Ugly Bob wrote:


I recall hearing something about SC2's "book" box. Does it get damaged easily by not having a jewel case?

Kind of like Panzer Dragoon Saga for the Saturn?

I have no idea... because I didn't purchase it back when it was in print.

Jon Turner Jan 26, 2006

I recently obtained this item by way of ordering through AMAZON JAPAN.  On the whole it's not a bad purchase, although there are some (minor) tracks that are missing.

I should mention, though, that many of the tracks on the first disc are REALLY, REALLY NOISY!  And monotonously unmusical, although they do convey the feeling of being absolutely terrified.  Yet it's not always the most pleasant soundtrack to listen to.  You've been warned.

-Jon T.

Ugly Bob Jan 27, 2006

thanks for the warning, Jon Turner

What music is missing? Mercenaries? Separate Ways?

Ugly Bob Mar 18, 2006

I neglected to post my impressions of the soundtrack after I received it. I do not think I have the musical experience to write a full review though...

Anyway, if you are a fan of the RE4, this is the definitive release of the music. I am happy to report that Separate Ways and the Mercenaries are both fully represented on this album. Sweet!

Oh, also Capcom decided to classify the discs based on the music. Disc 1 is the Darkness Side, which contains up to the battle at the end of Disc 1 on Gamecube (see, no spoilers!) With the exception of Del Lago, most of the tracks are very ambient.

Disc 2 is called the Aggressive Side and the music is just that, with one or two exceptions.

The included artbook is a nice bonus, with lots of ingame pictures. The RE4 T-Shirt I received was a nice bonus as well.

If I had a complaint, it would be that "Back Up" on Disc 2 is too short, looping only twice. This is the music that plays when Mike and the helicopter come to help you. It is a very intense action track that reminds me of Rambo. Oh well, it is still a very solid 2 disc set.

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