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Biohazard 3: Last Escape Original Soundtrack


2 discs

Disc 1

  1. The Last Escape
  2. Options Screen
  3. Title Calling
  4. Her Determintion
  5. The Opening
  6. The Beginning Of The Nightmare
  7. Is There A Way Out?
  8. The Great Novelist
  9. Free From Fear
  10. Meeting Brad
  11. Cold Sweat
  12. The City Of Ruin
  13. Imminent Slaughter
  14. Nemesis' Theme
  15. Feel The Tense...
  16. The Front Hall
  17. The First Floor
  18. Well Dressed Up
  19. The City Without Hope
  20. Watch Out For Your Back
  21. Carlos' Theme
  22. Never Give Up The Escape
  23. Nicholai's Theme
  24. Together For The Escape
  25. Valediction
  26. Cold Hearted Soldier
  27. Quick & Fast Relief
  28. The Common Cure
  29. Escape To Ecstasy
  30. Zombie Trespassing
  31. Free Falling
  32. Abrupt Gunfire
  33. Dont Come Any Closer
  34. Complete Rest
  35. Hero Time
  36. S.G.G.S. Explosion
  37. Pride And Valor
  38. An Impending Danger
  39. Cable Car Crash

Disc 2

  1. Ominous Presentiment
  2. The Clock Tower
  3. Dont Lose Courage
  4. No Rest For The Wicked
  5. Mysterious Orgel (Correct)
  6. Mysterious Orgel (Wrong)
  7. From Relief To Terror
  8. Menacing Nemesis
  9. Unstoppible Nemesis
  10. Bring Back Her Consciousness
  11. The Hospital
  12. Traitor
  13. Almost There...
  14. Nemesis Again
  15. Nothing But A Pawn
  16. Earthquake?
  17. The Grave Tigger
  18. The Park
  19. The Disused Plant
  20. All Of A Sudden
  21. The Worst Scenario
  22. Defiant Behavior
  23. The Last Argument
  24. Deservedly Death
  25. Four Minutes Before The Treatment
  26. Nemesis Doesn't Give Up
  27. Treated To Resurrect
  28. Missle Approaching
  29. Against The Chopper
  30. Emergency Level D
  31. Nemesis Final Metamorphosis
  32. The Last Decision
  33. The Second Chopper (Ver.1)
  34. The Second Chopper (Ver.2)
  35. The Second Chopper (Ver.3)
  36. Euthanasia Of Raccoon City
  37. Unfortunate Event
  38. Staff & Credits
  39. Even After
  40. Title Calling (Arranged Version)
  41. Choose The Best One
  42. The Doomed City
  43. Hellish Agony
  44. Freedon Obtained
  45. Reward and Result
  46. Commercial (Short)
  47. Commercial (Long)
  • Released Sep 22, 1999 by Suleputer (catalog no. CPCA-1032).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Are we scared yet?

Reader review by Daniel K

If I may be so bold to say so myself, I see myself as somewhat an expert on horror music - from movies to games, or just the usual dark ambient releases, I collect all that I can. So naturally I have raised a pretty high standard on what I consider to be a truly good horror score. Since the branch of game music that can be called "horror" is very small, and since a lot is not even released (like the excellent music from the "Alone In The Dark" games), it's even harder to find good releases in this field. Sadly I must say that the OST to the third game in the "Resident Evil" series falls into the "forgettable" category.

This is a double-CD set, but there isn't much to hear here. The intro track "The Last Escape" is very good, a dramatic, pounding piece with an underlying techno rhythm. Too bad it is only 18 seconds long! The only other track I would call "very good" is "Free From Fear", the track which plays in the save rooms. I have always liked the save room themes in the RE games, and I do believe that this one is the very best of them, which says a lot about its quality. It's quiet, melodic, and just beautiful. There are a few other good ones, like "Options Screen", "The Clock Tower", "Mysterious Orgel (Correct)", and "Her Determination". But that's about it. Not much, considering the CD has 86 tracks in all! All other tracks are purely forgettable. This CD could be recommended if it only was one disc, but this is two discs, with 120 minutes of (mostly) boring music, and unless you're a BIG fan of this game stay away. If you don't believe me just listen to "Nemesis' Theme" (disc 1, track 14). This track is just so dorky, and it makes me wanna laugh instead of making me scared. If you want a good Biohazard CD get any one but this, and if you're looking for a good scare get "Silent Hill OST".

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