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GoldfishX Aug 10, 2010

People familiar with classic Falcom are fully aware of Tomohito Kishimoto's infatuation with 80's metal, but he actually went through a phase of a couple albums (Dragon Slayer JDK Special and JDK Band 2) where he named the arranged tracks after several classic hard rock and metal tunes, instead of their corresponding arranged tunes. Here are the ones I can pick out so far from their respective albums:

Dragon Slayer JDK Special:

Action - The Sweet (dunno their discography at all
Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne, from "Blizzard of Oz"
Midnight Mover - Accept from "Metal Heart"
Steamrock Fever, Winds of Change - The Scorpions "Taken By Force" and "Crazy World", respectively.

Any guesses for the following remaining track titles: 'Till the End of Time, Dragon Fly and Flying High Again

JDK Band 2:

Speedy's Coming - Scorpions from "Fly to the Rainbow"
Shake Your Heads - Accept, from "Restless and Wild"

Actually unsure of the rest of the album (some have their original titles - Moonscape and Mysterious Moment), but these two were obvious. Any guesses for Down the Wind, Kill or Cure, Judgement of Hell or Over the Top? Also for track 7, there is an obvious reference to Accept's song "Fast as a Shark" in the solo. Similarly, on Major Demon from JDK Band 1, the main riff is ripped from "Stand Up and Shout", a song from Dio's "Holy Diver" album. Also, the Midnight Mover (Legend of Heroes 1 Battle Theme arrangement) has a straight reference to Deep Purple's "Highway Star" in it.

Oh, and Protectors from Ys II is basically a cover of the Iron Maiden song, "Flash of the Blade". Have to pin that one on Yuzo Koshiro, who is credited for the original track, but Kishimoto did end up arranging a vocal version of Protectors as a bonus track on the Ys II anime JDK Band OST. Oh the delicious irony.

Smeg Aug 11, 2010 (edited Aug 11, 2010)

GoldfishX wrote:

Flying High Again

Also Ozzy.

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