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Brandon Nov 28, 2015

Last week Falcom put about a hundred of their albums up on six streaming services, including Google Play, Amazon Prime, Apple Music. It's skewed towards the newer stuff, but there are a lot of classic albums up, too. I confirmed that I was able to listen for free with my monthly subscription to Google Play Music All Access account.

XISMZERO Dec 9, 2015

Great to see some older arranges on there like Wanderers SAV and Brandish Piano Collection. I wonder if they're higher quality masterings than ones on the old CDs or if they're simply high-quality ripped?

Brandon Dec 9, 2015

Are they back up? I haven't been able to see them for a few days.

Adam Corn Jan 20, 2017

Whoa, nobody mentioned Falcom's albums were on Spotify! Nearly 200 albums, from classics like Symphony Ys '95, the Falcom Special boxes, even the Ys IV Perfect Collections up to recent releases like Ys VIII OST, including tons of non-Ys fare like Legend of Heroes, Xanadu, Sorcerian, you name it. (I've added Spotify to the topic title to make this important bit of info more clear smile)

Just go to the artist page for Falcom Sound Team jdk and bask in the Falcom goodness. A few full-length albums with short track lists like Symphony Ys and Symphony Sorcerian are stuck in the singles section, so be sure to scroll all the way down.

Back around 1997 when I started this site and it was hard to even discover these albums - much less track down the CDs and listen to them - I never would have thought we'd reach the point where Japanese publishers were putting them online to listen to at the click of a button.

Now if we can get some more publishers on board (and Spotify, etc could perhaps return the favor by offering a buy-to-own option) we'll have reached the nexus.

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