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XISMZERO Sep 26, 2010

So I've been holding out for over two weeks, hotly anticipating what I believe might be this year's best arrange album. After weeks, still no retailers have stocked it so I just bit and plopped down $47 at HMV JP (they have a way of coming through on rarer items over the years, non-VGM).

Sadly, HMV seems to be the only retailer who sells it and even they have it on special order (which means I won't see it for another two weeks or later). Any reason why this album is hard to come by/not being stocked by any retailers?

Has anyone else been able to find this album elsewhere? I've noticed it's on a few VGMdb collections...

Jodo Kast Sep 27, 2010 (edited Oct 1, 2010)

I've formed the habit of either ordering directly from Falcom or trading. I should be getting this one in early October. Falcom hasn't responded to me yet, so I'm not sure what they charged for shipping.

This is their email for ordering:

I finally got this reply from Falcom:

Thank you for your reply.
We accepted your order.
The total price is as follows.

Price (Japanese-yen)
  2,800 yen :M050 Falcom vs. jdkBAND 2010 Summer
  1,500 yen :shipping and handling
  4,300 yen :total

With the current horrific exchange rate, that brings the total to $52.

XISMZERO Oct 6, 2010

I got mine in one week from HMV JP. Yes, this album truly rocks.

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