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Angela Dec 2, 2007

Does anyone know where I could possibly find James Horner's "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" promotional CD?  I'd heard it was incredibly rare even when it was first released in 2000, so my chances are probably even slimmer now. -_-;   I'd really love to hear it, since it appears to be a far more complete score than the commercial release.

Wanderer Dec 2, 2007

You can get mp3s of it fairly easily... but like most promotional albums, the CD is really hard to find (and expensive when you do).

Angela Dec 2, 2007

At this point, it'd seem mp3s are my only avenue.  I hesitate to ask, but I'm bordering on desperate: any chance you could nudge me to a proper course?

Angela Dec 4, 2007

Just a public announcement: "Wanderer Saves Christmas!"  Many, many blessings upon ye generous soul. ^_^

This is a great album, indeed.  I enjoy a good orchestral-comedy album, and most of my favorite cues from the film are evident here.  Horner sure knows how to render a sweetly memorable main theme, and the zanier and more epic-handed pieces are just as wonderfully spun out as the "Where Are You Christmas" variations.   

Thanks again, Wanderer!   You can carve our roast beast anyday. ;)

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