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Angela Nov 29, 2009 (edited Dec 5, 2009)

Three new recorded pieces.  I updated the prior post with 'em.

I've also been sharing my recordings with the folks over at FF Shrine.  There, I had formulated a tracklisting that attempts to place the Official Soundtrack in a chronological order more in line with the game.  Here's what I've come up with.  As you'll see, I've also integrated the stuff I recorded into the listing.


01 A Rock And A Hard Place
02 Among Thieves
03 Breaking And Entering
04 The Dig
05 Urban Warfare
06 Desperate Times
07 Bustin' Chops
08 They're Coming With Us
09 The City's Secret
10 Only One Way Out
11 Keep Moving  *NEW*
12 Run!!  *NEW*
13 Refuge
14 Helicopter And Tank
15 Warzone
16 Train Wrecked
17 Marco Polo
18 Siege
19 Cat And Mouse
20 Among Thieves (Soft Version)
21 The Monastery (Extended Version)  *NEW*
22 Brutal Combo Mambo
23 The Gates of Shambala
24 Broken Paradise
25 Duel  *NEW*
26 Cornered
27 Reunion
28 Nate's Theme 2.0
29 The Road To Shambala

Angela Feb 10, 2010

Pellasos wrote:

soundtrack got a CD release, yay!

My VGM Soundtrack of 2009 just got even better.  Totally snapping this one up.  Especially looking forward to "Take That!", who's musical foundation appears to be that of the recording I did of "Run!!" -- one of my personal favorite pieces in the game.

Now they just need to release a series art book, and I can die happy.  I actually took snapshots of my television, displaying every single piece of art work available from both games' unlockable galleries.  I mean, just LOOK at how gorgeous some of these renderings are:

-Uncharted 2 - Art 1
-Uncharted 2 - Art 2
-Uncharted 2 - Art 3
-Uncharted 2 - Art 4
-Uncharted 2 - Art 5
-Uncharted 2 - Art 6
-Uncharted 2 - Art 7

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